Good-looking MOD

Idea here, but how about when you find an item, you can use the skin for free?

Yo Dawg, great work. My necromancer now actually looks kind of a necromancer! Just chillin with the dudes:

One thing, i cant seem to transmog pants…tried it on a couple of yellow an white ones, but the potions where never applicable. Also i could not use anything on my green gloves, but yellows worked fine.

Nothing big, could be the specific items i have. Can someone confirm?

Grim Dawg, I have been able to get your mod working with GD Stash in that I can use the Shared Stash function to import and export items from GD to GD Stash. It is glorious!

I really hope to see a future update where aura effects act correctly as soon as the transmog is applied.

I can confirm that leg transmog’s do not seem to be getting applied - the transmog results in a basic pair of strapped leg armor. Leg armors that look as if they should have particle effects are not displaying these effects, even in a new game session.

my pet(s) seem to want to attack the transmog smith when i spawn him. it doesnt affect anything. i can still get the pieces of i need from the smith

As do the guards in Devils Crossing…poor guys, must be so confusing for them.

How would you respond if you got bloody zombie chunks in your face and you see a midget skeleton glaring ominously at you?
Try spawning him when there are enemies nearby…great fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Instant aura application is not going to happen. Limitation of the game code or something, there is nothing I can do about it

If you can’t transmog pants, try harder. Sometimes I have to try 5 different illusions before I find a working one, but eventually any illusions will apply.

Illusion potions sometimes refuse to apply. Legs are especially notorious. Try putting the item in your inventory, or apply a different illusion first (may take a couple of tries)

If your illusion applies but nothing happens, well, that’s weird. Check out my second post. You can post what item and what illusion give you this problem and Ill take a look at it.

The difference between 1000 iron and free is too small in my opinion to be truly rewarding. Ive had more requests for a less expensive version but that’s not a priority for me right now.

First of all: THANK YOU!

I been thinking about a mod like this since I don’t know, build 20ish and now it exist, I consider myself a vainilla player (at least for the first 1k hs of play time) but this is totally needed IMHO and crate should add something like this one day (I would pay, honestly.)

Now, being a complete noob about modding grim dawn, is there a way that I can add this mod to my vainilla game? Because I installed the game and it only appears under “custom game” where I don’t have any character at all.

I know this is probabilly a stupid question but I wanna be able to enjoy this awesome gift from the gods hahaha.

PS: Is this reversible? I’m gonna back-up anyway but I wanna be sure that I’m not risking anything; also, does this invalidate steam achivements?

Thank you again sir, you’re awesome.

I am sure that Grim Dawg will be able to provide a much more informative response than me but in the mean time…

All mods are only playable under Custom Game. There are ways to import your character from your main game into the custom game for the mod you want to play. Grim Dawg explains how in this post.

As for achievements, I obtained an achievement last night while playing Good Looking Mod in my custom game so I would believe that all other achievements will be obtainable in any custom game where you meet the requirements of the achievement.

I’m not sure what you mean by reversible. If the mod is able to be uninstalled? I believe all you would need to do is delete the relevant mod folders from their locations. Again, Grim Dawg will be much more well versed on how to do this.

I hope this helps!

I too downloaded and started playing the mod last night.

Fucken loving it.


Hey thanks for the quick reply!

Elfe on the discord chat gave me awesome support! He merged the vainilla files with the ones that came with the mod so now I can play my vainilla chars from the main menu (not the custom game) :smiley:

Has Elfe hosted that folder anywhere? Was it easy to apply the folder to the required location and get it all working correctly?

Do you know if, playing the game from the Main Menu means that GD Stash correctly recognises characters?

I have only just restarted in the Good Looking Mod custom game. I am LVL 9, so I do not mind restarting if I am able to do so from the Main Campaign.

Any help you, Elfe or Mamba can provide would be much, much appreciated!


When playing a mod in the main game, everything should be saved as usually to the main game characters and mamba’s tool therefore should recognize them.

I’m not sure what he made his tool do with mod items (items that are not in the original database) but when you actualize the original database, adding mod items and then use the stash tool and make it port the database again it should be able to read these items, too but mamba can tell you more there.

Just my theory :wink:

Credit must also be given to Elfe as I was, and am still literally talking to him via Steam chat right now about this issue.

There is another method to prompting aura and particle effects to correctly display on transmog items that does not require starting a fresh game session.

With Mamba’s tool, GD Stash, simply place the item with the transmog that is currently not correctly displaying it’s aura - for example a pair of boots with the Voidwalker Footpads skin applied, into the Item Transfer window in Grim Dawn. Then in GD Stash, move or copy the item to the GD Stash database and then move it back to the Item Transfer window in GD Stash and click Save Stash.

When you remove the item from the Item Transfer window in GD and equip the item, it will now correctly display the aura effect :smiley:

I suppose this method simulates a similar function within GD as starting a new game session.

My purple boots are ALIIIIIIVE!

Have fun :wink:


Now this mod is a mod that is with grimmy grimmest, and cenos mod.

the mod i always wanted and cried for when i started playing this game pre-release. I love you so much for making it.

It would be great to allow skins of 2 handed weapons to 1 handed weapon :rolleyes:

Í´m having a bug with the skins today, they are reacting to acid and fire, perhaps are melting them :stuck_out_tongue: the skins shows up again when i put the item again :confused:

Many thanks for this. I always wanted a blademaster that looked like he was using the dreeg set :smiley:

Hey Grim Dawg!

I just wanted to ask - if and when Crate implement more armor and weapons into the game, will these simply show up in the vendor list or will that require the release of an updated version of your mod?

Loving it, bud!



Requires update as he has to recreate every item just as transmog item.

And don’t forget about the recipes :wink:

Btw, your tutorial on recipes was a huge help to me in making this mod, so thx for that.