Grand Namegenerator for you immersive RPG-players


Nice resource, slick site. I like that it can save names you generate for easy copy and paste - which could actually come in handy customizing name lists with my renaming tool.

[TOOL] GD Renamer - A name randomizer for character creation

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That one’s been around for a long time, but does occasionally disappear I’ve found. Don’t know if they just do maintenance or if it has problems now and again. Can’t say I’ve found it that useful when I’ve looked for inspiration. Have found one or two names, but unless you write them down there’s no way to go back to them and look again if you want to compare with some other name you think you’d like.

You absolutely can save the names you generate.

Simply click on a name after generation (it automatically highlights the name clicked on)…

…and as you can see it saves it below and as far as I can tell it persists over sessions. To see the saved names just click this from the front page…

…then scroll the page down some…

…and there are your names. You can even copy and paste the text. Careful about actually clicking the names here tho, as it will “remove” the name if you left-click on the name. Highlighting is fine tho.

Honestly, I think you must be smoking drugs. Back when I made my tool I looked at several name generation sites and this is easily the best one I’ve seen - so I guess kudos to the OP for this find. The only complaint(s) I can see is that the site layout could use a bit more thought in areas and the “Save Name” feature is a little wonky but it says it’s beta but it in my light testing it’s usable.

You gotta keep in mind that these name generators likely have a bit of randomization so you get what you get. It’s like RNG but for names - and “fantasy” type names can be all over the place on what can be “acceptable”.

Basically the site would generate names much like my tool does - you feed it a list of names and use a random programming function to mix them up. A site like this probably takes it a little bit further and mixes names with set prefixes and suffixes that it can have a chance to combine with. Fairly simple stuff and there is only so many ways it can be done.

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That’s the only one I ever found, not that I looked that hard. And that must be a new feature, been a while since I’ve visited the site.

As an avid tabletop rpg player (I play D&D 5th Edition regularly) I use the website as an inspiration to name my d&d characters. It’s an awesome site