Grava'Thul's Nullification against melee should go and here is why

So this how a fight versus him looks when you have 6 permanent auras/buffs on.

Does this look like fun? My Druid got the most impossible gear, min-maxed to death, and yet look what I have to do. I have to run around like an idiot turning my auras on again. It’s not fun and IT IS NOT a challenge, it’s just stupid, irritating and tedious. Running away from Kuba’s healing pools makes sense. But here instead of fighting and having fun, I am running around switching freaking auras on. It’s just a stupid mechanic against melee and it has to go.

People have been complaining about him having nullification since the expansion came out (myself included) and he still has it.

I guess at this point we need to make a petition for the devs to remove it.

Until they remove the nullification from his moveset, i’m going to stick to Kuba and the base game Nemeses for Nemesis trove hunting. I even prefer to fight Mad Queen and she’s a pretty badly designed boss from a mechanical standpoint. But at least she doesn’t have nullification.

Mad Queen is a secret end-game boss and is definitely not fair against most builds but she is actually very fun to fight against. You can run around big pillar timing your bursts when she doesn’t have the aura on or you can time your nullification or mirror or you can try to outleech her, etc., fighting her actually pumps some adrenaline into my blood :). It is fun. But Grava is just tedious and not fun at all and I think my video demonstrates that pretty clearly.

EDIT: and Mad Queen is contained in dedicated dungeon that nobody has to go to ever unless you specifically want to kill her. Most players will meet Grava on Ultimate during one of the main quests and get their faces kicked in and hopes and dreams crushed.

I agree that nullification as an enemy ability is not very interesting. It might be slightly more palatable if the enemy had a 2 minute CD on it.

I don’t think it’s right to compare MQ to Grava. Her ability is like Aleks’ meteor. It can one shot you if you don’t watch out but her ability can be nullified, dodged and even out-healed. Aleks meteor can be out right avoided if you get him into a house which isn’t too hard since he has like 3 spawn points all of which have some sort of house nearby.

Grava on the other hand straight up murders you. I don’t really mind a nemesis having this skill but the CD on it should be around 69 seconds which is usually enough for even the slowest build to kill him.
He is currently the second strongest nemesis after Reaper imo. Although the I don’t see any reason to fight the Reaper of the Lost on every toon and loose out on valuable augments

Or as my video shows with a sturdy enough melee build he straight up nullifies you and makes you straight up run in circles, switching tabs, turning your auras on again. It’s like when he can’t straight up murder you he decides “Well, I will just be an asshole and ruin a bit Grim Dawn experience for you”.

Only worse mechanic for an ARPG is making your gear become unequiped so you have to open inventory and equip it again.

I mean, make his attacks deadlier or debuffs stronger, but this pressing “Y” to switch tabs to put auras on again is straight up idiotic game mechanic.

Grava in real life

Seamstress Superboss confirmed
Main Skill - “Undress”

I don’t mind a 60 second CD on his nullification. Even a single nullify is deadly imo.
But if they do remove it then he does need some sort of hax imo. Heal, ADCtH or better yet give him a circuit breaker (like Maiden or Van Aldritch)

I’m starting to feel like I’m the crazy one here… doesn’t he telegraph the null orbs pretty thoroughly before they actually appear? Running around waiting for them to vanish makes me wish I were playing a DoT build if I’m not but that’s about it.

Watch the video. He does telegraph it, but it’s a pain for melee builds.


Giving him Circuit Breaker would be much better mechanic, agreed

I don’t know what to say here. He has 15 sec CD while kuba has just 3 sec CD on his pools. I’m surprised people complain more about grava. I’ve killed him with a paper thin BM before his nullify spell was made “dodgeable”. It took ~ 30 seconds

Look at the video. It speaks for itself.

Kuba’s mechanics are pretty fair. I don’t mind his healing pools. Just make a small sidestep and put in a new burst. He is easy for strong melee chars.

I know how grava fights look. I’ve been in them:D

“Just make a small sidestep” - He spams them all over the place like the pox. Running from them is dps loss really. BM has strong dps and couldn’t pass 154 in crucible before nerf;). I will try again.

As for grava. Small sidestep is what actually works there. You can even dodge Sharz RR stomp like that (the one with 3 fire tendrils that fan out like pyroclasm). I’ve seen you walk straight into a projectile in your video. All that running won’t help. Stay up close and practice sidestep right before he finishes animation.

Huh, I will try that. So I just side stop from that animation he won’t nullify me?

Your bm does indeed have strong dps, surprised you could not pass Kuba on wave 154. I could with my Druid (probably with the help of Electrocute), but 160 or anything past that is just a crapshoot.

Yes try it. If you can dodge just two of those things without running then you cut your kill time from the video by 2/3 easy. It will take a bit of practice but when you do it feels good. Stay on his ass. And to do so try to overcap your chaos res for this fight specifically.

Dot’s Rule in cruci :D. It was one test anyway after the holiday. Learned a lot since then. But like you said, even after passing 154, 160 will be a shit show without shield or dots. Fumble, reduced dmg/OA etc. 2x kuba is GG:)

Don’t really need to watch a video until someone claims something novel is going on. I also usually run across him with a melee char and yeah it is annoying but it also is very possible to avoid getting nullified. In the campaign - I’m personally not interested in 150-170 stuff.

Not disagreeing that the attack isn’t telegraphed. If it wasn’t then I’d be the one making rant/feedback threads :smiley:
But the real question is should a nemesis have something as OP as nullify? I personally don’t mind it but among all the nemesis abilities it’s the most ridiculous one imo

As for Kuba’s pools, they’re not annoying as they used to be. Even with melee I can move around a bit and kill the guy with much more ease than Grava

If we had to compare Grava to someone then it’d be Reaper. He is stronger than Grava in my experience, but I am unsure if a feedback thread is needed for him as we have literally zero reason to go against his faction (casually eats human brain stew)

Really? I find him to be much easier to handle than Grava, at least in the crucible. Without nullification Grava’s balls still hurt like hell, harder than Alek even.
And the fumble pools, the fucking fumble pools.

Reaper is like Iron maiden but worse, at least IM does not debuff you. 10K physical punch in the face, savagery, berserk, he’s stronger than Grava no question. No one is complaining because he is not there waiting for you all the time on your way to Malmouth, it takes some persistence to unlock him and find him if you’re not playing crucible

I almost downed Reaper in one go while facetanking with my Druid yesterday (finally decided to work that infamy against loonytown). But he somehow healed (?) back to half hp and got me. Downed him in second go also facetanking him. I don’t know about his mechanics yet, but I am guessing I gotta take care of Wraiths he is spawning, because they must be debuffing me/healing him back.

But to me it was nothing like Grava fight. It felt dificult but fair.

This is my fight against Grava, a bit clunky with my cooldown but no sweat. :stuck_out_tongue: