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The ability to build grave stacks has been removed in recent versions, my game progress has been more than 1000 years, this is a big problem for me, It even makes me not want to play games anymore. Because there is no space to build in the city, I have to build tombs around the city and in every corner of the map, this makes the city unattractive.

I suggest that buildings that can accommodate many dead people can be added.

eg church (Can increase yearning by the way)
or catacombs (Provide citizens with memories of their ancestors)

Hopefully these suggestions lead to better designed games. :slight_smile:

(I am using translation software, and the sentences may not be very smooth. If you cannot understand, you can ask me, and I am happy to answer.)

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Addressing this long-term issue is on our radar.

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Perhaps it would also be as simple as “upgrading” simple cemeteries to complex cemeteries with mausoleums. Or that the graves are only present X years and then they are overwritten. Or both.


Or they could get dug up after a number of years. That happens here in Switzerland iirc, you can be buried for 25 years and then you have to be dug up to free up the space for someone else.

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Among the historical ‘solutions’:

  1. Deep Burials - bury a second, third, or more ‘layers’ of graves on top of each other
  2. Ossuaries - dig up the bones after X years and keep them in special storage locations, sometimes with altars and other commemorative places attached.
  3. Crematoriums - burn the bodies. Another use for Firewood or Coal.
  4. Cramped Burials - bury people standing up, or crouched, or ‘flexed’ into a smaller posture. This alone can double the capacity of a space compared to ‘laid out’ burials that are the western norm these days.

Mausoleums or crypts don’t actually save space, but they could be graphically interesting additions to cemetaries and burial grounds.

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If in the space occupied by 4 tombs, there was a mausoleum that could fit 10 or 20 deceased, since in a mausoleum you can make tombs on the walls, one on top of the other, in my country they are called niches, well, yes, it would save some space, but they should still fade over the years as they would fill up just the same. Although it would help if the cemeteries could be smaller, but I repeat, with the additional condition that over the years the existing graves are replaced.


Yeah I would have suggested cremation as an option.

Possible Game Solutions:

  1. Easiest to Implement (I suspect): after X years, graves disappear (dug up!). People take the bones home and bury them in the house or garden, The Game does not care. Instantly renews Graveyards/Cemetaries.
  2. Potentially more interesting Graphically: Add Ossuaries or Mausoleums were the buried can be compressed by 4 - 5:1 compared to regular burials. These might be highly decorated and require stone, iron, wood resources to build.
  3. Add a New Production Requirement: Bodies can be cremated, which requires a Crematorium, and coal or firewood to be delivered, and potentially pottery or metal Urns to store the ashes reverently afterwards. Most complicated, requiring manufacturing of Urns and building of crematoria and provision of more raw materials. Least likely to be adopted.
  1. Bodies disappear :magic_wand: near Bear spawns :wink:

Enemy soldiers killed in battles also disappear, don’t they be buried? :confused:

Bears gotta eat

It seems that the game has very prolific scavenger beetles, crows, ravens, etc - but they are very selective, and won’t touch villagers of any kind, only Visitors to the area.

Well making the graves disappear after certain ammount years would be nice. Or making a mausoleum / church where dead could be moved. Also was thinking how my city would look after another 50 years… after first 50 i have like 250 dead.

so off topic but now i’m wondering what happens to thee bones

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