Graveyard Expansion

The Graveyard not being moveable makes sense but it would be good to be able to expand it like crop fields.


I agree. Some other buildings like storage would be nice to be able to expand aswell instead of having to build another full building elsewhere.

Stockyards, storehouses and root cellars can all be upgraded to a tier 2 increasing storage capacity in them. Having a cooper making barrels or buying these from a trader will also help.


Hello, Can the graveyard be destroyed or moved?
I built a second larger graveyard and I would like to destroy the first smaller one.

[Farthest Frontier v0.7.6]


No, not atm. Devs are working on some ideas of allowing it, but nothing in the game yet.

thank you for your answer, too bad, I hope it will be possible in the next update

You can build a larger graveyard by building it right on top of the old one.

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