Graveyards, corpses

I am right now playing nice map, but with hardest difficulty, so progress goes a bit slow while destruction by riders and diseases is high. That means the corpses production is rather high. I have not passed 100 years, but my two full-sized graveyards are already full.

Please modify the graveyards to be more of a beautiful place with spiritual benefits, rather than just a occupied land for grave stones. There can be trees and birds and stuff - not like in the horror movies or big-city-stones-grass-style.

In reality many generations of a family can fit their dead into the backyard of their homes easily, but having them buried in a graveyard would make them more happy or something. One house plot size (1k m2) of land should fit hundreds of graves (6 m2) . Please make some default action to the corpses when there is no graveyard - it would make sense that it would be buried down or burned fast after death.

In real life - no one will leave a dead human stay on the streets for years. And even if this happens - It will decay fast by rats, foxes, birds and bacteria. And if the corpses still need to last 100 years on the streets - i would expect this to be the case also with raider corpses when they all get killed.

You don’t need stone to put a dead body into ground - wooden cross should be enough in most cases.

Are you using the t4 crypts in your graveyards? They hold a lot more bodies.

I spread my graveyards out along the main roads. Or anywhere I can place a 3x3 plot.

I don’t like the idea that i have to get fast to t4 to actually start to play this in normal way and before that if i get population cut down multiple times by raiders before i get t4 - then it means continuous graveyard building and desperately trying to get this t4 to ease up graveyard load. I would be OK if the game is intended to destroy all my village at some time when i have not leveled up fast enough with “Game Over - You lost!”, but it does not feel that kind of game. So i expect the game wants to be more like a continuous development with punishments when not developed well at some areas like food or defense. This would require some long time slow progress without too much permanent punishment like 5 big graveyards over half of the flat fertile land full in 200 years while floating the population between 300…400 every other year. Yeah, with math it looks like there should be plenty of space to build stuff, but in a small map with hills, lakes and raider towns - it can occupy rather valuable space forever just because you did not get to t4 fast enough.

Then you need to up your game with raids. Proper defensive ring around your Town Center/Vaults with walls and towers, and a full cavalry squad to take care of catapults

Edit: Here’s mine on Vanquisher in Arid Highlands, where you can also see the year and my only 2 graveyards (should also note that Manufacturing gives me a general high growth in gold, depite that not being shown in the current month)

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Noticed something yesterday after a raid. The surviving raiders had run off but the red arrow was pointing to a region littered with dead raiders, and the icon for a raid in progress was still on. I was watching the corpses vanish and when the last one disappeared the raid was over.

Finally i am on my way to T4. I stopped building more graveyards for 50 years and invested into defenses instead. A lot of flattening-raider-routing magic and i got some pop grow already. Not only villagers - a decent rat population has grown as the corpses just stay on the streets forever. It giver somehow a nice statistics where do the most deaths happen - like a plot diagram :D. Who would have guessed - it is the healers house. With all these rats there eating my graphics frames - i would feed my whole village if the rat catcher only would produce meat out of them.

Rats eating your frame, makes me wish for the old screensavers, Bill Gates does Windows, Bad Dog, Rats ate my Folders. Whatever happened to screensavers?

Now screen saving is replaced with power saving. You don’t save much with screen saver if still bump juice into graphics card and display backlight. Pixels cost near nothing these days.