Great Game Giveaway Extravaganza

Edit: Okay lets make this THE Giveaway thread. If you’ve got a game to giveaway post about it here. DO NOT however post the links to the game, such as humble links as they’ll most likely get snaffled by bots before anyone has a chance to claim them (learnt from experience)

PM the people the links directly. Also if you get a game, don’t forget to say thank you, it is only polite afterall :smiley:

Okay i’ve got yet another free game! This time i’ve got 3 copies of Talisman: Digital Edition up for grabs.

Same as last time post here with your steam as these are all steam gifts that will be gifted through the steam system You must not have the game already, and must not be gifting it away again. These are for your own personal use

Sweet! Been wanting this one for a while :smiley:

Me please, thanks!

This looks really interesting!

okirs guys i’ve added you on my steam account, you’ll need to accept the friend invite and then i’ll send you the gift

Thanks man! Accepted btw.

Thanks! Accepted

also accepted!thank you!

all gifts sent. enjoy folks

Thanks a lot! :wink:

You’re the man :slight_smile:

Sorry but I am going to hi-jack your thread, since I dont see a reason to create a completely new thread.

A while back I bought a Humblebundle and apparently there are three free games of “Insurgency”, but the expire tomorrow. So instead of letting them expire I post the link here.

Link attempt

Hmm: I am not allowed to post links, hence i will describe the link and the first three to “figure” it out gets the game.

The secure http version, followed by www dot humblebundle dot com forward-slash ?gift=ydaDPy4Gr6MqTtTy

Good luck to the first three :slight_smile:

I also have 2 free copies of Insurgency to give away… (from the same humble bundle).


and to help out Cauchy - here is their link:

NOTE - these must be redeemed by 11AM Pacific time TOMORROW.

Thanks - this will probably make it easier.

Thanks Shoganai!

Thanks for the copy :slight_smile:

I have keys available for:

The Bards Tale



Titan Quest

– if folks are interested, PM me - first come, first serve. The only caveat I have is, you have to have been a member here for at least 3 months, with at least a few posts.

Would be great if a mod could rename this to something like “The Great Giveaway Thread” and make it a sticky

Since I was so graciously given a game, I have a game to give away myself. I bought a copy of Bioshock Infinite for a friend but it turned out he already bought it too.

Let me know if anyone wants it…same rules apply has to before has to be for you not to resell/trade/etc.

Wow, I would love to have that game!