Great skills to proc attack devotions

I’m trying to wrap my head around devotions, and I have a few questions for more experienced players.

Two things seem to make a skill great at procing devotions:

1: Multiple attacks.
Either by ticking regularly on multiple targets (like WoP) or ticking multiple times per second (Like AAR)
Bonus points if it does both these things (like SBoE)

2: long cooldown and short duration, which increase the base proc chance.
Bonus points if the skill’s duration is short but it can still proc past the initial duration (Like Vire’s Might with volcanic stride)

Both seem to make procing devotions reliably, the second one being way more predictable (like binding hourglass on an instant skill with a cooldown of 4+ seconds like Horn of Gandar for example)
But the first one allows you to “spam” a devotion, if you will: get more if it instead of getting it predictably.

Is there a consensus as to what are the best devotion procers in the game ?
Off the top of my head:
Word of Pain
Curse of Frailty
Storm Box of Elgoloth
Drain Essence
Vire’s might (with volcanic stride)
Any AA skill

…Which am I missing ?
Are there any other skill like Vire’s might that can proc devotions past their “official” duration ?

And second related question:

Which devotions would be worth “Spamming” ?
Could you make a build around procing a specific devotion reliably so it becomes your main damage dealer ? (Besides Mysterymeat’s ATV build)

Any spreadable skill like Ill Omen, Bloody Pox, Aether Corruption, etc.


Transmuted BWC. Ravenous Earth.


Just to be sure: reduced cooldown from skills like Tectonic shift don’t modify the proc chances, but skill modifiers like quick jack do ?

The way I see it, when skill’s CD is altered via the transmuter, it becomes a “different” skill, while -CD from skill nodes / skill modifiers just does what it says on the tin.

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That’s a good explanation, thanks!

Whether a skill is a good procer also depends on

  • number of targets
  • devotion proc

For example all these ticking skills like WoP, Curse of Frailty, Omen etc suck on a single target (i.e. boss)
whereas Ravenous Earth is great for any number of targets. But I love Omen spreading Whirlpools on the whole screen of monsters.

Judgment can be very bad for Bat (because we’d like to proc it frequently) but great for some other procs.

Some good proccers not mentioned are all multi projectiles skills such as

  • Winter King’s Might / Obsidian Tremor (I like proccing Bat with it):

  • Phantasmal Blades
  • Silvercore Bolts
  • Stormspread / Chilling rounds can be ok sometimes
  • Chillspikes
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Could heart of wrath’s aura make it better at procing bat for example ?

Not sure, haven’t tested it. But I can tell you what can make it better:

  • lowering the cooldown of Judgment to about 0.5s :laughing:

Yes, that’s precisely what I’m theorycrafting right now actually…
With the right devotion, it could be pretty good :slight_smile:

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We also forget about these great proccers:

  • Storm Totems
  • Wind Devils with 12/12 Maelstrom
  • Guardians (when we have more of them, let’s say 4+)

They are good because of multiple player pets proccing devos.

Also Storm Box because it has its own specific mechanics I think


If you’re going Physical/Trauma then ‘‘Bull Rush’’ is perfect for binding Judgment, especially among crowd but also very satisfying on 1v1.

If you’re going Fire then ‘‘Flame Torrent’’ or Guardians’s Gaze if you have conversion and need sustain.

I did some testing with Judgment, for example even with extreme OA like 3400, binding Blind Fury to Judgment doesn’t give you any proc advantage, it’s okish even among crowd because of the devotion’s CD. Heart of Wrath mechanics works like any other tick per second but it also starts with initial Judgment hit so when you proc Blind Fury with initial hit, 1 sec of HoW lost, then you may proc with second or third again which is not likely on 1v1. The example means; bind devotions that has no cooldown (or very low ones) to Judgment to use it efficiently.


That’s exactly the kind of info I need :slight_smile:

I have a short list of devotions that might be worth spamming
Bull rush
Shifting sands

Some of these might not work but I’ll test them all

The problem with Blind fury on a reduced cooldown judgement is that it doesn’t benefit at all from the increased proc chance. In that sense, a better skill would be something like Storm Box.

Judgement would thrive on a low cooldown, instant damage low proc chance devotion like Aetherfire or, as mentioned above, Bull rush

…Does bull rush work at any distance ?

Heart of Wrath makes Judgment arguably the best devotion proccer in the game. Guardian Gaze devotion proc just goes crazy with the eyes spawning.

And yes, that means Heart of Wrath helps Judgment proc devotions.


I’m looking at that dynamic at large to see if there are exploitable combos out there, but right now my mind is turned to making a version of this: [] The ATV - Aetherfire Templar Vanquisher - Grim Dawn / Classes, Skills and Builds - Crate Entertainment Forum

using Judgement instead of Vire’s might

Haven’t seen Grasping Vines mentioned since that’s also pretty good at proccing devotions. Specially for its rather low cooldown, allowing the player to stack three or four of them.

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Under the hood, grasping vines, sigil of comsumption and ravenous earth are… basically the same thing, right ?

Different damage type and effects, but same-ish AoE, cooldown and tick rate…

Grasping Vines and Sigil are the same except Sigil has higher cooldown, making it worse at proccing devotions because you can’t stack as high as Grasping Vines. Ravenous Earth is great at proccing devotions because each individual projectile has a chance to proc it.


I’ve just tested this and thought maybe the Burn from Heart of Wrath has also an increased chance (100% on Bat) but no, just usual 25%. It would be OP if it was the case.

On single target it’s worse than godlike proccers like Storm Totems, Devils or RE I think.

You mean the Burn like DoT or just the general damage of Heart of Wrath? Because from experience Heart of Wrath does seem to have the same chance to proc devotions as Judgment. At least that’s what it feels like.