Green Grass Tile for decoration

A very simple idea,

I think it would be a good idea to add a green grass tile for decoration. Similar to the little square tile, or even with bench varieties too. There are spaces where I don’t want trees to grow, but that I’d like to keep green.

What do you think?


A lawn tile… made to tile if laid out neatly… nice.

  • And if you make the ‘lawn’ big enough, a Football game will start - providing Entertainment for the houses near the pitch, at the cost of a certain percentage of your Laborers/Builders being Unavailable for anything else for a time . . .
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You know, as I was typing it I was thinking exactly the football pitch thing! 8D

Reason I suggested it (aside from the World Cup going on now) is that the Romans reported seeing the Britons playing some kind of mass team ballgame in 55 BCE, so something resembling a cross between rugby, football and semi-organized free-for-all mayhem would be perfectly appropriate in the game.
Also appropriate would be a line of archery butts or targets at one end of the grassy field and hunters and farmers practicing their archery every week ala the English Yeomanry, but that would also imply the Sheriff system of local leaders and so would probably be outside of the determinedly egalitarian social structure of the villages . . .

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