Grim Dawn Build Selection Flowchart

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What started as a joke in reference to a recent r/PathofExile thread turned into a full-fledged, very reasonable (if still comedic) resource for helping players find builds they might be interested in trying.

Featuring 101 (mostly) different builds from a variety of authors that span the globe as well as helpful links and resources to even more builds still, I think it’s fair to say this might be the biggest graphical collection of builds in the game’s history.


…you probably want to click to expand that in a new tab. (3339x2559)

All builds referenced in the above are at least mildly recent (1.1.5.X or newer) and have been tested to perform reasonably well, if not exceptionally so. Now for a few disclaimers (that are also present in the above flowchart).

No disrespect is intended to build creators whose builds wound up in the memes section, or to players that use builds that are referenced in jest. Builds in the meme section vary widely. Many can breach, but not surpass, high endgame levels, others are more ‘for fun’. Consult each thread (as applicable) or ask the build authors for more specifics about how their build performs.

This chart is made by Ceno. His (my) biases may have an influence over certain recommendations.

Want your build featured here? Post it on the forums (ideally with video gameplay) and bring it to my attention!

This flowchart was made in Freemind, and would be best viewed within the software itself. Below is the MindMap file (.mm) for it (had to be zipped because the forums don’t take anything else):

MM - GD Build Selection (12.7 KB)

You can also view this as an HTML file (also zipped for the above reason):

HTML - GD Build Selection (8.1 KB)

Big shoutout to the following build authors, in no particular order, whose builds are featured in this flowchart:

Nery, mad_lee, Stupid Dragon, Dmt, idontwannaknow0, thepowerofmediocrity, Maya, Monceaux, Crittrain, RektByProtoss, Archangel2245, Duchy, Plasmodermic, sir_spanksalot, Maska, Poisonman2, eardianm, Valinov, omnitrio, Sotnik, afanasenkov26, Shoot2033, AlkamosHater, Duskdeep86, Retal_Abuser, Evil_Baka, banana_peel, thejabrixone, MergosWetNurse, TomoDaK, grey-maybe, ziller, AlexGoldFish_322, WyreZ, arivus, Nethaeron, and also me.

mfw people say PoE has more build diversity than GD


Impressive work! :clap:

I found build I was missing and it’s made with sense of humor too.


That’s a beautiful thing you done did.

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Great work on this, I feel like this is gonna change something in regards to build making for people that are unsure what they wanna play exactly.

That’s such a ceno chart :rofl: I love it!

No HC section tho… :thinking:

Edit: nvm I’m blind

Give him time. :smile:




The effort is appreciated but there are so many high end endgame builds missing there. And some really good min-maxed stuff is mixed with some obvious weaker low effort stuff. Makes me think that very few peope in GD community can (or care enough to) distinguish between great builds and meh builds.


Great that we have you to always tell it to us :smiley:

as mad_lee said, the attempt is really nice but a vast number of builds is missing and some of included are probably not where they should be.

yes, it’s a shame that Duchy’s top-performers are mixed with our glassy and almost unplayable stuff. Please, do sth with it!


Round and round we go


Grabs Popcorn


Not really a useful tool (especially for novices). Good bit of fun for the Grim Dawn “in crowd” though.


Guys we all know the answer to the missing builds

sets thread to watched


Can’t pinpoint the purpose of this list. If you wanted to represent the variety, i think it should’ve been more than 101 because we as community have built much more than that, and the variety itself is mot fully represented here. If you wanted a collection of stong builds, lots of them (and the popular ones, too) are missing. If you wanted variety + newbie friendly, some of most popular builds for beginners are also absent.

It just looks like a semi-random collection of builds inserted into your funny chart to fill the lines.

If ME SMASH section of 2H melee is intentionally missing the strongest 2H AA melee build named Me Crush, i guess it’s a mockery hence counts as comedy


Relax guys. It’s not like this flowchart becomes an official part of Grim in next update.


I’m fairly certain the main point of this was a) comedy (and I think it’s hilarious) and b) to refute the idea that PoE has better build diversify than GD.

I don’t think we’re meant to take this as a completely serious be-all-and-end-all list.

Have a laugh, take the piss, Think more “roast” and less “dissertation.”

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Imagine getting this mad at a chart where “Are pets a color?” is a serious question.


When Summon Familiar gets cosmetic skins: