Grim Dawn Build Selection Flowchart

Funny that the people we see bitching here were nowhere to be seen on the Compendium organized by Skills, are they defending the community’s interest or their own of forums domination ?

Btw pets are a colour, the colour of frienship.


It is well known that there are “elite” groups that do not accept new initiatives, that is why many end up deleting their posts and moving away from the forums.


apparently, they were bitching about it here:

And there were a lot of criticism about it. that’s why it went from v.1.0 to beta 0.5

Thanks to Ceno for creating this flowchart, I liked the humor, both intended and unintented one.
and for one brief moment forum seemed alive.



The flowchart is not intended to be a comprehensive representation of all the builds ever. Variety was preferred, and not a variety of builds, but rather a variety of authors. I think its more useful for players to be exposed to as many authors as possible for several reasons -

  • If there were a small selection of authors in this chart the onus would be on them and only them to supply absolutely everything to the community.
  • We (authors) all have different theorycrafting and thread-writing styles that may be more or less appealing to some players.

To name a couple.

I do agree that the meme section vastly outweighs the “solid”/“strongest” section. I don’t think this majority will change but the proportions likely will. I tried to favor balancing each endpoint.

That being said, I have no intention of linking to every build in existence in this flowchart. That sounds like hell to make and to read.

If you think something is higher up on the solid/strongest hierarchy that shouldn’t be, please point it out (either here or in DMs). Something being in memes, however, is unlikely to leave. I did check every build out in there and I don’t think anything got better than 4:45~4:55-ish. By no means do I consider just-barely-sub-5 a meme, but I don’t consider it “top” either.


what is top in your opinio then? just curious.

Builds with the “EVERYTHING+”(or +++++++++ if you’re @Dmt ) tag and a respectable cruci time/SR depth.

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I have quite a few top-tier builds that I couldn’t find on that chart:

And those are like top of the crop ones, and I have also a bunch of builds that I made for weaker classes.

that’s interesting cos by this metric only top 1% of top 1% of melee builds can be considered as “top”.
which is somewhat unfair.

UPD: oh, and btw, phys AAR templar is “top-tier” then, according to your standarts.



They are not EVERYTHING+. :joy:

What Duchys builds doing there then?

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Prepare for a very @mad_lee reply about how anything above 75-76 doesn’t matter much because no one farms there :rofl:

@Ceno can I join in on the saltfest and say that I’m salty cause you didn’t include a single one of my builds? :rofl: not that it really matters tho but i cri tbh I don’t think my builds fit that chart, except maybe turrion commando

Its not fair to be everything viable is it?
That should be a tiny amount of builds dont you think, curious myself now.

I think I would nerf something to death if it could tackle every single thing.

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Careful, you may be taking “Elite Builder” too seriously.

I don’t see any Duchy builds in the “strongest” section, and I don’t think he’d disagree with that evaluation as generally Duchy builds for off-meta to begin with (which, as a memebuild aficionado myself, I can appreciate!)

Well, again, another comment on this chart not intending to be comprehensive, but I’ll look to add a couple of these in the next release (which will be post-

Name an ARPG that came out in the last decade where melee isn’t fucked in the higher-endgame, and you’ll never see me in these forums again.

There’s no way that’s possible.

checks chart


ROFL /10chars


nah, i simply meant that by this metric melee builds can’t even possibly be better than caster ones. but guess what? every single patch there’re less and less sources of flat damage/sustain for melee builds.
Banana can run an hour long rant about it.

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Does borderlands 2 count? It certainly has a lot of arpg mechanics and melee zero is top tier in endgame, as long as you can play it. I can’t

I personally consider the Borderlands franchise within the scope of ARPGs but most don’t.

Also, B0re Zer0 for lyfe.

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Some top GR diablo 3 builds are meele.

yet there’re one part of the game where melee builds can be better than casters - crucible, but it seems like your metric system ignores this part.

UPD: and btw, why should GD follow the same path as other ARPG’s?