Grim Dawn Build Selection Flowchart

Diablo 3 is an Arpg?

Comment is a joke obviously


Goddamn OP skill. Even pure melee uses it to 1 shot stuff even with no gun investment. But then again that game is full of bonkers that Axton is widely considered as the worst character just because he’s the only balanced one.

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I wouldn’t say ignores it. But it doesn’t only pertain to it because assuming every player reading wants to/only plays Crucible is a bad assumption to make.

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Well, we all have different definitions of ‘top’ - I see arguments about that on an almost daily basis.

The Fastest Cleaners in the World has a whole hell of a lot of melee, for sure. But you’re pulling an @RektbyProtoss here methinks:


As a Tempest Rush/Whirlrend main, I know this and I still hate it because blinking at the wrong instant gets you killed.

fair point. Although, keep in mind, that ammount of players who do deep SR (90 and below) is even lower than the number. And not a lot of folks kill celestials.

so, imho, but argument about “where most people play” is a bit wrong, cos majority of people play normal/veteran.

I know it’s a joke but seriously now:
Diablo 3 has A LOT of build variety but people just copypaste everything from top 10 leaderboard. There are some calculations behind every gear choice and every gear roll either but again - it’s just easier to copy it. For pushing leaderboards I was chosing most op build either but I played many fun builds just for farming, every skill, every skill rune, combinations of these may be played with various gear.

Imagine GD being multiplayer with leaderboards, what would we see? Ghol ritualist/cabalist, retal warlord, some OFF grinders for SR and some cold glass cannon meeles for crucible.

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I can already imagine double rare loxmeres being one of the most expensive shit in trading threads.

no offence for the author of that thread, but it’s a complete joke. nobody takes it seriously

That’s the beauty of GD though, the fact that it’s single player and doesn’t have a ladder, so people can play whatever they want with their own rules, endgame pushing or not.

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Yeah it’s not great

But I haven’t seen anything faster be posted to the forums than what’s in there. Sadly most of those builds don’t have threads, just a youtube video and maybe a grimtools.

It isn’t just about numbers on which area of the game a player spends the most time between the divide that is Campaign, Crucible and SR. The point is looking at all of them together, because every single one is a part of Grim Dawn as a whole. Of course, specific builds can be finetuned for each one individually but none of them should be left out.

Any list that aims to represent the community and it’s builds in some capacity should respect this and I personally like that @Ceno does so here as well.

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oh, i didn’t know that.
but still, there should be a plenty of fast builds uploaded on forum?
or people that much afraind of nerfs?


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Luckily GD isn’t multiplayer. Game that wants to build around diversity and competitiveness are tough to combine.

But there’s the thing of Crucible builds that are well made are good for SR 75/76 farming as well and are cool for campaign farming/exploring because of their damage. I would select something like Shadow Strike melee build for campaign.

Speaking of non-meta/meme builds, I love them as well and they help boost that diversity and originality. But they are different animals than ‘‘top builds’’, players needs to be aware of what there goals are.

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So many Fevered Rage support builds.

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I mean, one would think that if you make this effort of making a chart and everything including best builds might be a good place to start. But eh, I guess comedy comes first, right.

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And that is so bad :smiley:

@Retal_Abuser @Nery I agree, because of no competetive scene (except some friendly competition between builders), players are not “mentally forced” to play only few “best” builds and classes.

If some celestial kill times leaderboard would exist then yes, top 1000 spots all with same witchblade build and seconds difference between players. Otherwise fevered rage is not top sr climber or fastest crucible cleaner.

This is the biggest issue here. There are a lot of builds labeled as sr80+ but then there’s an sr 80 build that completes it in 5 mins and there’s that build that dies 20 times before reaching boss room and then when it inevitably clears after half an hour it’s still an sr 80 build. Same with cruci builds that look like they’re immortal but then only the author can actually play them (I’m guilty of this one). As much as I hate his building style, there’s a reason why @mad_lee’s builds are so popular. But then noobs who have no clue don’t get to tell which ones are good and which ones are not.


In all seriousness, I would legitimately like to see your list on the best builds in GD - possibly but not necessarily your own builds included. Can I get a ML-approved Top 10?


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but what if build is [everything+++] but only like 5.30 crucible timer? and then there’s build that cannot kill calla (because it’s melee), but does 4.20, what’s then? let’s consider that both can pass SR90.
5.30 and 4.20 is a tremendous difference in terms of damage.
i’m asking seriously though.

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