[] The Blight King: 4:50m Crucible Gladiator 150-170 (6:13m "naked"), easy SR 75-76 (up to Shard 90) vitality Blightlord Opressor [sr+][cr+][vid]

Choosing a component skill for one of the strongest Vitality builds ever will be like



Blightlord is one of the strongest sets in the game and probably the most versatile one (bar Shattered Guardian set). Blightlord’s Opressor has been done countless times. I decided to post my version simply because I think it’s the best one yet and it’s a real blast to play.

The Build

<<<< GRIMTOOLS >>>>

*Craft for slow res
**Affixes on greens don’t matter as much as long as you patch your resists/cc-resists but for optimal perfomance look for “Formidable” Grava pants.
***For faster Crucible runs bind Rattosh to Ravenous Earth.

Blight-rotting questions

Seal of Skies on a Vitality build? Why not Seal of Blight with all of the Acid to Vitality conversions you have?
Because I have tried it and skill from Seal of Blight sucks ass, plain and simple. Less damage, clunky short cone and what’s most importantly - worse adtch.
Isn’t Path of Three messing up conversions on Ravenous Earth? Why not Harbinger of Souls?
It does mess it up a bit indeed. With Harbinger of Souls RE’s damage is a bit higher however cooldown is 1,8 seconds versus 1,5 seconds, plus all other abilities are sped up so Path is a much better choice here.
Do you really need so many points in Haven?
Yes, one of the ideas behind the build was to maximise Healing Effects for better sustain.
Siphon Souls? Do they do anything here?
They add a little bit of survivability for really tough spots. Not crucial to the build really.


Core of the build is Blightlord’s set. Everything else is kind of crucial here because of conversions and skill points. The only flexible slot is boots slot, green boots with physical resist and some slow res will work as well. Grava pants can be changed to something else but they give whopping 6% passive RR due to points to Celestial Presence and Spectral Wrath, so try to get them.
I have tested Judgment too, and while it’s an amazing proccer for Rattosh, Bone Harvest with maxed out Soul Harvest is better due to flat damage to Chain Lightning which improves ADTCH quite a bit. Devotion wise this is my favourite Vitality devotion map, not much to add here.
For leveling check leveling guides on this forum. This is an endgame build and works as advertised once you equip all the items/skills/devotions at character level 100


In Crucible everything is facetankable. Don’t forget that you have Mark of Torment and high CDR so do use it on tough waves just to be extra safe.
In Shattered Realm Shards 75-76 are a walk in the park for this build. I have completed Shard 90 with it but it was not a pleasant experience.


General with Ascension up (up ~70% of the time)

Ravenous Earth damage with all the procs up

Defense with Ascension up


150-170 Crucible Gladiator 4:37 run

Shards 75-76 7:55 run (one death due to lag)

Supertolik’s Crucible Gladiator 150-170 “naked” extra spawn 6:13 run (no buffs/no banners)

Supertolik’s Shards 75-76 7:10 run

Shard 90 boss room (two deaths)

Slev1n’s Crucible Gladiator 150-170 4:28 run

romanN1’s Crucible Gladiator 150-170 4:44 run

banana_peel’s Crucible Gladiator 150-170 4:27 run

In Conclusion

Thanks to @supertolik for kindly agreeing to test this build in the tough environment of “naked” Crucible. Also thanks to @banana_peel for reminding me to remove a point from Dread to avoid confused mobs in Crucible and thanks to @Slev1n and @romanN1 for recording the videos of their Crucible runs. And thanks to @Tararihen for guide picture idea.


Nice picture. :rofl:

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Nice to see another awesome take on Blightlord.

Siphon souls isn’t too important, right? I see that supertolik took those 2 points out and put them into Mark instead.

And another one top build from inspector

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Here’s another https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxH97mZaX7g
Forgot to add storm beacons and refresh my buffs so i was on the clock xD. Ran out of buffs at the end kek.

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I would like to see others seal’s fillers as decent as chain lighting :sob:


Great all around build!

Time to channel my inner MadLee. Dammit where’s the credit to my (and Jabby’s) builds? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hate filler skills needing a precise click on units all the time so seal of shadows all the way! Not as potent here tho cause conversions favor seal of skies.

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I think it helps a bit in SR to alleviate some of the incoming damage in boss fights. But without it build would be pretty much the same.

sick vids, fellars, thanks a lot, gonna add to the op.

Good inner mad_lee, 9 elite builders out of 10. But in all seriousness I haven’t looked at any previous versions of Blightlord because this one was easy to figure out.


good god man.


nice one as always

P.S. have you tested storm fire?

What about epic item set with chain lightning? :wink:

I like converted eyes as much as the next man. But this devo map is just so solid: I get all the Vitality devos + Lantern + Solemn Watcher. What map with GG would you have me try? (btw, @supertolik has tested funky map with Abomination and Imp since it has Vitality damage now and Imp and it was a bit worse)

I did look at the tool tip and it’s smaller. Problem is that Stormfire has been nerfed and the only thing that I am really looking here is high % weapon damage so I can apply as much global flat as possible for the best adtch. Stormfire’s weapon damage is much lower so sustain would be worse. And damage wise it doesn’t really matter here since RE does like 80% of the work and another 20% is done by GoE.

How does the stormfire fragments work btw? Is the listed weapon damage applied to all the fragments cause if that’s the case then that just looks better on big targets WD-wise compared to chain lightning or even biting blades.

It is supposed to shotgun big targets but personally I never found Stormfire to be of any use after nerfs other than as a filler.

And again, on super high-damage builds like this one component skills are utlitity - nothing less, nothing more. From the standpoint of utility Chain Lightning is the best atm.

Yeah I can see that. Guess what’s the patchnotes next patch :wink:


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Sick run, thanks, man. Gonna add it to the op.

So that hasn’t worked out.

Damage is pretty much the same (it’s hard to notice the impact from eyes here), but quality of life dropped quite a bit, because build has lost quite a bit of cc-resists, walking speed and casting speed. With that and noticable DA drop survivability dipped too, so the verdict is clear: Guardian’s Gaze is not worth it here.

I mean I kind of knew that but it was worth checking out. Spec in the video: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKq36WV

Nice build. I"ll have to check it out.

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