Grim Dawn Community League Season 6 - Release Date!

The Grim Dawn Community League Season 6 will start

  • May 4th 2024, 11 AM EST / 5 PM CEST

For more information, visit and sign up via our Website and join the Discord

Patch Notes, Trailer and Grimtools support coming very soon™

Main Features

Ghost Ambushes

  • find ghosts and complete their quests to gain access to the all new AMBUSH SKILL TREE to enable and customize Ghost Ambushes and their loot
  • get ambushed either by opening chests (chance based) or by finding Ghost Dens (guaranteed) all across Cairn


  • gather and use the essences of ghost ambushes to alter your items in multiple ways
  • reroll affixes
  • reroll values
  • add/store affixes)

Character Progression

  • skip Elite difficulty and never look back at it ever again
  • gain most skill/attribute points in the Main Campaign OR in the Shattered Realm, which ever you prefer (except hidden path/kasparov/lutra)


  • explore new side areas in the vanilla main campaign
  • discover an entire story act with league exclusive maps, items, quests, bosses, roguelike dungeons and other challenges


  • defeat 6 additional Celestial Bosses
  • conquer 7 Boundless Dungeons, roguelike dungeons with infinite scaling
  • challenge all 12 Celestial Bosses in the Eternal Hunts, Realms that scale the Celestial Bosses infinitely
  • The official Crucible DLC is now playable in Season 6 (if you own the DLC)


  • over 80 rare Monster Infrequents
  • over 50 unique items
  • over 60 unique set items


  • complete challenges to gain points to compete with other players
  • two ladders - Softcore Trade and Hardcore Solo Self Found
  • no xp ladder - “it’s a marathon, not a race”
  • new tie breaker “Eternal Hunts” - timed scaling celestial boss fights

Global Ingame Chat

  • chat with other online players in multiple channels

Cloud Stash

  • store your items in the cloud and gain access to infinite stash (for a small fee to help cover server costs)


  • trade items with other players via the Trading Post on the website

Reminder that you need to have at least the Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods expansions installed to be able to play Season 6


Looking forward to and supporting ~!


Man, Crate really should consider putting some items, bosses and features from seasons into the real game.

Love what you’ve done here so far


Agreed. The concept of having additional skill trees for endgame/game content, expanding crafting, etc. is such an awesome concept and is some of the aspects of PoE I wish were in GD.


Noob question: Should I have FOMO over seasons? Are features from Season 5 and before included in 6?

All features from former seasons are included/refined in the upcoming season 6.


doesn’t it being a mod also mean there should be no fomo, since can just download the/a season and play whenever feel like? :thinking:

I had no idea whether there were network-locked game features, for example. No fomo over leaderboards though.

Spreadsheet with Resistance Reduction items, including Season 6 items!

Direct link to the document: Resistance Redux - S6-GD-AoM-FG-S4-S5 - Google Sheets
Link to the folder:
Grim Dawn - Resistance Reduction - Google Drive

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Let’s go boys :love_you_gesture:!

Xbox controller not working. Is it supported in this mod? Works fine in vanilla game.

Can I ask how to log out from the launcher, please? I just wanted to play offline, but I accidentally logged in to the launcher with the option “remember me”, and it did not ask me if I wanted to play offline anymore.

This looks interesting. I’m guessing you need to be an experienced player to do this

Go to Grim Dawn folder/where you extracted the .exe for season 6 and delete GDCommunityLauncher.ini (NOT .exe or .dll just the .ini file) and that should do it. This did the trick for season 5, should be also good for s6.

The mission in Season 6 has been interrupted here. The relevant NPC cannot be found and cannot be continued. Has it been cancelled?