[Grim Tools] Mod support

Hey guys! I’ve seen a number requests for mod support in Grim Tools and decided to give it a try.

I’ve started with just one mod and will provide support for some others eventually. I wanted to setup a base for mod support and try to provide support for one of mods that’s not that difficult in terms of internal customization. I’ve decided to go with Diablo 3 Classes mod which has both changes to classes and items, but doesn’t change the map (which might be tricky to support).

Generally speaking tools for mods are not different from original ones, e.g. you can use filters/search in the database and you can upload save files in build calculator. If you find any issues please report them.

Tools for Reign Of Terror mod:

All mod items can be viewed here.

Tools for Diablo 3 Classes mod:

All mod items can be viewed here.

Tools for GD League Season 4 mod:

All mod items can be viewed here.

Tools for GD League Season 3 mod:

All mod items can be viewed here.

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You can join my discord server to discuss Grim Tools, leave feedback and bug reports.


That’s awesome, Dammitt - I imagine there will be many people happy for the inclusion of this. Thumbs up here and here’s hoping you can get it up and running smoothly and with minimal effort!

Any easily recognized pattern in the URL for mods?

IA links to grimtools for both modded and unmodded items.

All modded tools have the following suffix in base url: -mod-{mod_id}. E.g. for item database base tool is /db/, while for d3 classes mod it’s /db-mod-d3/. Mod Ids are arbitrary and hardcoded on my end.

Added support for GD League Season 3 mod!

Here are the tools for this mod:

All mod items can be viewed here.

You can check info regarding GD League Season 3 here: Grim Dawn Community League Season 3 - Release Date, Rules & Guidlines, and Installation


Hi @Dammitt,

The Barbarian skill “Sword and Board” - the “Increase your armor by 25%” stat at 10 skill points does not appear to apply.

Also, the Crusader skill “Punish” returns NaN% for the charge level.


Noted. I’ve added this to my todo list. I’ll try to provide a fix with the next update.

Dammitt, would it be possible to have a calc for basegame version?
since grimcalc faded out of time i don’t think there is a way for “starters” to have an actual view of their builds or valid devo maps anymore

In theory it’s possible, and actually not that difficult. But I’ll have to research it.
I’ll drop a note when I can give any estimate.

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  • GT for [Mod] Diablo 3 Classes updated to Patch 4.0
  • GT for [Mod] GD League Season 3 updated to Patch 18
  • Fixed an issue with “Charge Levels” skill property not displaying properly in certain cases

This is more difficult to fix than I assumed, so it’ll have to wait. I’ve added this to my todo list.


Thanks for the update @Dammitt

Hi @Dammitt

Does -% Skill Energy Cost affect active skills which consume energy/sec? And, if so, is this factored/calculated in Grimtools?
A quick test in-game with the Witch Doctors “Pierce the Veil” skill shows no effect (tested with a -10% Skill Energy Cost stat on a component). Correct me if this has any effect to any “active skill” in-game. Cast skills, obviously. In my mind, it should have an effect, especially with a skill with such a high active energy cost such as Pierce the Veil(125/sec at rank 12).


I don’t remember whether it affects active skills in game. In GT it is not accounted for, the values for energy cost you see in tooltips are the base ones.

Grim Tools now supports Reign Of Terror mod!

Here’s the list of available tools:


Grim Tools now supports GD League Season 4 mod!

Here’s the list of available tools:

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  • GT for [Mod] GD League Season 4 updated to Patch 9 (that was couple weeks ago actually, forgot to post it here)
  • GT for [Mod] Diablo 3 Classes updated to Patch 4.2
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Hi @Dammitt

Grimtools (D3 mod) appears to have a graphical issue & not displaying some item images, skills & some scaling issues too.
I’m using Google Chrome. Also not sure if this may be related to the recent Windows 10 update.

The issue should be fixed now.

Hi @Dammitt

Mostly fixed. D3 character classes are still missing some (or all) of there skill icons.