Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition now available on Xbox!

If you see an oversized tooltip, which is cut off at the bottom of the screen, then you can scroll with one of the sticks (don’t remember which one it is).

I doubt it since they can’t do much until MS gives them a dev kit for Series X. UI maybe, higher resolution, better frame rate probably need the kit.

I assume you mean when traversing the inventory and other UI screens? If so, you have 2 options - 1) use the left analog to move the cursor, or 2) use the D-pad to move the cursor item-by-item. Knowing when to use one or the other will greatly simplify things for you.

It should be the Right analog stick. The Left analog moves the cursor.

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What about the language switching option? Do you already have a correction forecast?

That’ll be on Zantai to answer. medea is only a moderator (purely volunteer).

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Since the announcement of the xbox version, I’ve been following this forum in hopes of playing Grim Dawn on xbox.

I loved the game, thank you so much!

I will say, surely it wouldn’t be too much trouble to implement KM/Mouse support?

  • I don’t ask for much, but that would certainly be a great boon to many potential customers
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Tak jak kolega powyżej napisał Grim dawn prosimy o wersje językowe tak jak napisane jest na oficjalnej stronie!

This is probably a huge ask but I do not like depth of field in any game. It’s one of the first options I always turn off. In Grim Dawn it makes the ground look blurry and it’s quite bad with the current 1080p resolution on a 4k TV. An option to disable depth of field would be amazing. It would clean up and sharpen the entire image. Options benefit everyone. Again thanks for such a wonderful port! Just a few changes will go a long way.

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Yeah… UI scaling, Depth of Field option, and KB/Mouse support.

I’m sure it won’t happen overnight, but these are all legitimate “asks” worth taking into consideration moving forward.

*tips hat to Crate devs

Just to add to this issue I’m realizing a lot of posts on Reddit and Twitter complaining about image clarity and I feel like people are mistaking depth of field for resolution. This game looks fantastic in 1080p without depth of field on PC.

Truth! -10chars

Yea I seen some of those commemts too. Not sure what those guys are talking but I could tell just eyeballing some of the pics in the other thread that the settings were at mostly High. And Zantai confirmed that they were indeed High + on Xbox.

As for Depth of Field I agree. I don’t do console but I always turn it off in GD.

I imagine they like to use it, at least on the base Xbone, to help reduce performance hits by blurring crap on the edges some.

Yes, great game but the UI is too small for my eyes… :sweat_smile:


Okay I cannot stress this enough…depth of field needs to be removed. This has quickly become the most important thing that needs to be addressed. When the bottom half of your screen is pinpoint sharp and beautiful but the top half (which your always focused on as you move forward) is a blurry mess and unstable, it really degrades the whole experience. It’s like I’m looking through someone else’s prescription glasses. Please allow the user to disable depth of field.

All due respect, that’s not how DoF works…

As a workaround you can turn the camera by 180 degrees. I have been doing this for a long time. There are a few places where your view is obstructed and you need to adjust the camera. And I have been doing this although Depth of Field and Post Processing are disabled.

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When will the language problem in Chinese be solved

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