Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition now available on Xbox!

Pleased to announce that the Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition is now available on Xbox!

Enter a dark fantasy world where humanity is fighting for survival in this epic bundle that includes Grim Dawn and two sprawling expansions.


Amazing port guys! Congratulations. I had an awesome experience to lvl 10 so far. The only small gripe I have is there is no longer a UI scale option. Text is just a bit too small. I would greatly appreciate a scale or possibly a large, very large fixed option.



Grim Dawn is such a great game, never play it on PC. On Xbox it makes so much fun.

It is so much better like Diablo 3.

I have only two things that could be better.

The UI is really too small, sometimes it is really hard to read the Text and a Xbox Series X update with maxed possible settings for resolution, fps etc. would be awesome. This Game is worth it to play it in the best settings that are possible.

Thank You for this Game


Just bought it. Can`t wait to get home from work. Thank you very much for the port :slight_smile:

Bought on pre-order. Launched today. Played for a few minutes.
What can I say? This is still the same Grim Dawn we all praise and love. First time for me with a controller, surprisingly it feels better than I thought!

FPS is low though, you guys should get a proper devkit asap to fix it )

If there was a way to apply Rainbow Filter mod, that would be great. Theoretically it should be possible by putting all those textfiles to game folder manually (there ARE ways to access filesystem, though I would not recommend this to anyone)

Finally, congrats to everyone! GD on XBox is finally here, so let’s celebrate!

UI is too small for me. Have to strain my eyes to see it. Resolution and FPS are disappointing. Gonna stick with the PC version for a while. Maybe future updates will correct some problems.


We are looking into it!


The game has no option to change the language :sob: :sob:

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That’s what I’m waiting for before buying it.

Thanks for taking care of that!!

Yes, it does. Go into the game itself and then in Options you should be able to choose the language.

On xbox version it is not possible. do not have the option.


please add the option to change the language in the menu. Although the game has Pt-Br idiom (as shown in the Microsoft store) in the menu there is no option to change the language, staying in English or German.

How did you get the German language to appear?

The first time it was installed was in German. Then it was deleted, downloaded again, and then it was in English. But no option in game menu to change language.

BTW did anyone check if XBox port supports KB+Mouse controls? Do not have any at the moment to check by myself…

It doesn’t. It’s been confirmed on another thread

Apparently KB/M is (currently) not supported on Xbox. Instead of the classic Keybinding tab you have a fancy Controller tab in the options :wink:

Just beat the warden and it’s been a solid experience. I would definitely take a little bit bigger UI which I know has been noted but would also like the ability to change the pet stance. Seems like you can click on the pets when the inventory menu is up. Maybe that could help. Otherwise enjoying my time. No real problem with the frame rate but do look forward to a high resolution when it’s available. Thanks a lot for the effort put into this port up to this point!

I opened a topic about the lack of option to change the language here> No option to change Grim Dawn language on Xbox. so it’s easier to follow the solution about this problem. :slight_smile: I hope it gets resolved as soon as possible, I don’t want to ask for a refund


I really hope you guys can support the Xbox version in the near future and work on improving things in the coming months.

Don’t get me wrong the core game is awesome, and it’s great to be playing it on the sofa on the big screen.

But the port could be so much better:

  • It doesn’t appear to have an unlocked framerate whatsoever unless we’re taking 0-30 being unlocked. It certainly never goes above 30 on Series X.
  • the UI is absolutely tiny on the big screen and doesn’t really feel adapted for the change in platform
  • the virtual cursor is really fiddly
  • I’ve had UI bugs like tool tips displaying half-off screen.
  • visually blurry, higher resolution would go a long way. I know this part was never promised for the launch and hopefully can be improved later.

Do you have any plans currently for how regular the Xbox version will see updates?

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