Grim Dawn is coming to Xbox!

Well it plays fine to be honest. I was looking where the loot filter was as on pc its in a different place. Loading time is very quick. Doesn’t support quick resume on the series X. Looks decent enough although a resolution bump would be nice in the future but the fps should be 60 fps on the new series X and s. That is my biggest gripe. It’s not unplayable mind you.

Online coop in didn’t try. I literally just turned it up and played for a couple a minutes and everything is there as in the pc.

All of this is my experience in the series X. Could be that loading takes longer on the Xbox one consoles of course


Try plugging in a mouse and keyboard please :slight_smile:

*fingers crossed

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Try plugging in a mouse and keyboard please :slight_smile:

*fingers crossed

Thanks, mate! I own a Series S. I hope they add a 60 Fps. I mean, Victor Vran has it.

I hope the controls are better than when I played on PC, three years ago or so

I played a bit further and the fps seems to be better outside of devils crossing or it my mind playing tricks on me. Never mind what I said about the fps. Play and enjoy it. Like I said it plays perfectly fine and it’s awesome we can finally play this gem on a couch on a big TV screen. Thanks crate entertainment.

As for people asking about mouse and keyboard I just tried but doesn’t seem to work. Sorry. But controller plays great. It’s not the same I know but perhaps they can add it in the future


also tested it now, mouse and keyboard does not work. :roll_eyes:
but it’s easier to configure the control. :partying_face:

I’m going to play, I’ll talk about my experience later

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I don’t see the option to change the game language.

Maybe it’s because I moved my xbox to New Zealand to play now.


Well… I play on consoles EXACTLY because I want to play my games using a joystick.

Thanks once more for your feedback

Assuming it works as on PC, you cannot do that within a game session. Instead select Options from the menu screen, then download and enable the language of your choice:

You might also need to restart GD.

You don’t have these options. It’s quite simple

Maybe it’s because I moved my xbox to New Zealand to play now.
My language is Brazilian Portuguese

All configuration screens:

Yeah, I have no idea, how the Xbox works in this respect.

  • Is there a global language setting?
  • Or can you configure that for each game in some Xbox configuration menu?
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Tomorrow I will find out, today is December 2nd in Brazil :nerd_face: :shushing_face:

As in most Xbox games, the language matches the region you download from.

So, if changing the Xbox region (after you downloaded the game) doesn’t work, you may have to delete the game and download it again from the Brazilian Xbox store

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Como sei que vc fala portugues,
Eu instalei quando comprei, com o idioma, região é hora do Brasil.

O que mudei agora foi a local e a hora, o idioma no xbox ainda está português, mas amanhã eu irei descobrir isso.

Muito obrigada pela sua resposta, me deu muita esperança :partying_face:

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De nada! Vamos combinar de jogar juntos. Qual tua gt?

A minha é a mesma do nome

A minha é: Ceiffania, mas eu não tenho xbox live. Precisa dessa assinatura para jogar multiplay?

Pronto! Te adicionei lá e mandei mensagem. Continuamos por lá, pra não atrapalhar o tópico :grin:

can anyone please upload an actual in game photo just to give us an idea of the xbox video settings compared to pc max?

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