Grim Dawn Episode [] - The Binder Strikes Back - 6 min 151-170 - 5:47 best run

Okay, that’s the only thing I know about Star Wars…

I watched episodes 4 and 5 and that’s it. Anyway since this patch gave a shitton of buffs to Arcanist and made way for monsters such as Lightning Sorc and stuff, I decided to give good ol’ binder a spin to see how much the buff affected it. Yeah that’s the whole story of the build.

The Build

Char sheet with all permanent buffs.


You might notice the OA/DA rolls aren’t as highrolled as they usually are. That’s because I got lazy and partially to send the message that this build doesn’t need to be highrolled to be good

Build Explanations
  • Gear? - That’s classic Agrivix Binder setup. Double Krieg for the good %Aether bonus. I could’ve gone green with pants but no green offers movespeed and that proc in addition to the stats.
  • Skill Choices - Again, Classic Agrivix. What changed from the old setups are: maxed overload (cause buffed), maxed mental alacrity (energy cost), fabric (some did max this before but now it’s mandatory due to aetherial bonus) and IEE (now that there’s no more leech on Fabric)
  • Devotions - Usual aether route. The ones that need explaining are Bat - cause Flame Torrent isn’t as good as before and Imp doesn’t give us any lifesteal; Revenant - even with RR on the set the skellies just make it more consistent on multiple targets and Revenant nodes in itself are top notch. Also with vit>aether conversion skellies can do a bit of damage by themselves; Dying God and no TD was a personal choice as I don’t need TD :wink:
Cruci Performance and Video

Cruci cleartime is consistent around 6 mins with 3 buffs and 1 banner on my hardware. My best run shows 5:47 in the video and that’s with lag (probably some background app causing it cause it’s not normal) so it can be much faster cause I kinda got lucky spawns.

Pretty sure some builders that can handle going for very offensive setups can do better and maybe even break sub 5 mins.

Some Gameplay Tips
  • Familiarize RE uptime as well as Aether Corruption. This will help you not spam it all the time which is DPS loss due to less CT

  • Mark always comes first before Mirror especially when you wanna facetank Reaper. Reaper has Savagery meaning his damage becomes bigger the longer he hits you. Mirror first means the softer first few hits won’t do damage but the stronger last hits might be able to break through mark.

  • Adjust to the piano. All the skills in there are essential to binder survival. If you’re not a fan of the number of skills then you have to learn if you wanna play the build effectively. Alternatively, you can remove some of the skills but suffer inconsistency.

Other Stuff * **Realms** - I don't like realms. I did have some spare realm sets back when I played it last patch tho. There's a shitton of them drops before it was moved to vendors so it wasn't a problem finding good rolled parts. - copied this from the previous thread again


To all people disappointed by the recent nerfs - There’s always a chance your build will come back. Might not be to it’s old OP status but still very powerful.

***Thanks for reading!***


OK here’s my answer to the question, how CT binder performs. Nice…

Star wars, 4 and 5 are enough. Newer episodes might be classified as “it’s a trap”

One remark, your hero’s name gonna fall out of the character sheet :wink:

:joy: :joy:…man, I started theorycrafting with Agrivix just a few minutes ago. We must have very similar minds…

I love the build btw.

Binders so strong! Again! I guess all we have to do now is wait for the inevitable nerfs :stuck_out_tongue:

Well she’s a girl so she needed one more letter than Voldemort. Ended up not naming the post after it cause I realized I know less Harry Potter than Star Wars.

[quote=“Cinder, post:3, topic:87061”]
:joy: :joy:…man, I started theorycrafting with Agrivix just a few minutes ago. We must have very similar minds…[/quote]

I actually did this yesterday and 1st draft was enough. Wanted to post it immediately but I thought I could squeeze out sub 6 min runs and I did.


Oh fuck nooooooo!!!

Well, let’s just hope that they won’t nerf Binders as thoroughly as they did the last time :smile:

They probably just have to backpedal a little bit on their latest arcanist buffs, right?

Dunno. I think it’s fine. Cyclone sorc is more of a cyclone thing and this is what binders are supposed to do. They’re the most synergistic class in the game along with warlord.

BTW, vid up!

Despite all the hiccup, I think this patch is not bad, one of the best maybe because I love all the changes on MI belt, arcanist overhaul (maiven no damage penalty finally!), And thermite mine finally usable.

I think it’s only me in the forum that can’t play binder. Honestly I never ever good at skill rotations.

Good job on the new agrivix! I thought you’re gonna updating your old threads :smile:. Clear time is gooood. Binder used to be one of the most synergistic class in the game, but is it still the case now? I will hold my judgement until I see some more different binder build variation.

Hm. I felt like the added OA was a little overkill (though the removed dmg penalty on sphere is awesome). But maybe Arcanist just needs that to compensate for its lack of RR…

I thought about just putting this to my old binder thread but it didn’t feel right having a new build on an old thread.

IMO, it still is. Tho there’s warlord now to compete. The problem is that all binder itemization (and pact) has been nerfed that the only other variation you’ll hope to see is AAR and maybe the super rare PRM.

Overload is something not many builds can afford to max out, so it’s not really a big problem for most builds. Luckily Agrivix has a crapton of free points due to the fact that only you only need to max out base CT skill and Devastation. These points used to be for maxing out siphon because there’s nowhere else to go, but now the points got it’s purpose.

Nice Binder resurgence!

Only thing that I dislike is those pants. If you don’t want Aether pants it’s fine, but Tranquil mind or Barbaros both seem like a better choice here. I would go with Tranquil mind, Aeon and some sweet spirit dump. Zoned out in your grimtools for 15 minutes, lol, so I will share it here.

You should note that cast speed is already overcapped even before dying god, and as I understand it, it works just like resists overcap so excess CS = slow res for this build. Meaning tranquil mind or the cast speed bonus of barbaros is redundant for a dying god setup.

What I see is this: Aeon setups want tranquil mind cause you lose crit from DG so the extra spirit helps for damage. DG setups go either barbaros or just get some nice pants with nice procs. Barbaros proc is redundant with DG tho and the movespeed bonus isn’t consistent. Also pants proc = damage and lifesteal. 13k weapon damage isn’t bad.

Master Agrivix,

We understand you have been through some traumatic experiences in the last few years which resulted in a significant drop in performance of your arcane abilities. However, we cannot tolerate wearing wrong trousers to work. Your employment is hereby terminated.

  • Gildiam Arcanum, HR

mmm yes this is sexy stuff

I always did it like this:

  1. Facetank all you can
  2. If danger InstaMirror - gives you time to heal and see how things go and choose the target for MoT
  3. Depending on what’s up either keep tanking for a second or three or follow up by MoTimmediately
  4. Immediately after Mark pop your TD spell

Also, I would propose this setup: I agree with x1 trying to include Revenant but completely disagree with dropping TD. It’s the lifeblood of binders.

Also, if Crate’s reading it, please change the vitality res to any res but vitality res (and aether and cold and bleed and lightning) on Wraithwalkers. Such cool boots and so useless on most binders…

Once you feel like not needing TD for defense (I don’t), the only benefit that remains is devastation cdr, and I don’t really use devastation every cooldown too so cause it often ends up cooling down when mobs still haven’t clumped up together or after I’ve done the cleanup. It’s useful against bosses but so i DG crit.

There’s also that 5 seconds on DG, and Null, and Ghoul (I never tested myself but John_Smith said he did and someone else also confirmed - it does affect Ghoul), and Siphon… and the stats. Aeon has real good stats.

Checked your devotions to see cause I didn’t think you could get all four of revenant DG Td abd spear. Yeah TD is useful in that way.

Didn’t I tell you it’s not needed for defense?

Lmao it’s already full uptime without aeon. Stop giving shitty excuses

In a vacuum. But what difference does those stats make? 35 more OA, 10 less DA, around the same weapon damage, less crit? Like that’s gonna make a difference. Slow res is counteracted by more CS overcap in my version.

In the hands of Shoot or John getting TD might be better cause I’ve seen shoot take maximum advantage of it like blink>canister>blink on that sorc but I’m not capable of that.

I think that casting speed overcap is not the same as slow resistance. In Crucible I often check my attack speed/casting speed if I see a lot of debuffs on my char. Even with 50-60% slow res it can go from 200 to 160. So I am guessing that speed overcap (unless it’s some ridiculous number) doesn’t do as much as slow res.

Also by useful stats on Aeon ya probably meant all that juicy dodge/evade/max res/dot duration reduction as well as trap/slow res.

It doesn’t really work like that. Slow res and speed overcap is a different thing. Overcap works for auras like Fabius’ and Grava’s (-15% or something). But against the worst slow debuffs (like Reaper’s 60%) it doesn’t make much difference because you get low anyway. You want slow res to make the duration shorter.