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I’m just big boned.

Hm. Quite a few, really.

Why does Cindercore have bonuses to Grenado and Canister Bomb? It’s a gun, they are spells… Seems anti-synergistic to use attacks with spells in most cases, but generally you end up holding a scepter to cast with.

Why do guns have a piercing %? It actively lessens the DPS of every build not using or converting the pierce portion, which is usually everything that isn’t Nightblade.

Why is Nightblade such a mess of damage types? You seem to end up spreading damage between a minimum of four different damage types, before you start counting the DOTs. Can’t scale all of them at once, so you end up with a few large chunks of damage and then a meaningless mess.

Mythical Obsidian Juggernaut adds -Chaos Res to CoF. Why didn’t it have it before? It seems to make sense, and it covers most everything else of import.

What’s going on with CCs? They aren’t really needed for crowds, but they aren’t any use on bosses… Yet it still seems like they’re valued by you guys, for some reason. Is there some hidden value that I, and those that also find CC useless, am missing?

Why is Summon Familiar such an idiot? That dang bird flies into things, flies away, heals the wrong things, shoots into walls… Was it just for a bird-brained joke, or is there some added difficulty in programming the bird specifically? The other ranged pets can also be a little wonky, but nowhere as bad as the bird, IMO.

Why is Blade Trap so bad?

Actually, extend that to all those skills that have been getting their own discussion threads about their issues in the past couple months.

That’s just off-the-top, I’m sure I’ll eventually recall more.

-The gun seems to be intended for Burn builds and in such builds applying additional DoT using LMB is a good option

I have done it for Poison Blood pox, it works. Not optimal but an extra DoT source is always welcomed

After seeing Vortex of Souls i’d like more “pure” (non-physical base damage) in 2h weapons, pistols and rifles
It seems extremely unfair that 1h weapons get all the benefits.

%Piercing is annoying for 2h, Rifles and Pistols since unlike 1h we dont have other options (except Vortex)

-It’s not a mess
Having so many damage types is part of why NB is so good and synergieses well with other classes
You’re not supposed to scale them all at once. The extra damage types adds to diversity

-I think it has something to do with balancing and synergy for Pyromancers. Though I always felt Chaos RR should’ve existed in CoF from the get-go

-CC isn’t useless, in places like Flames of Valbury, Glad Crucible. CC does save your ass
Although i’d still argue that Cold not “freezing” stuff anymore is annoying. I wish it still could interrupt bosses.
Taking freeze away from cold is like taking burn away from fire

-Familiar sucks, period
No argument
Asshole never seems to heal me

-Blade trap as you suggested elsewhere needs to be turned into a trap based skill

Thank you for reminding me…

@ Zantai… Why is Bloody Pox so BAD? Why do you keep % Health Reduction in the game, but refuse to let it be of actual use against high HP monsters, IE Bosses? Why is there no good Bleed Casting option? Why is Internal Trauma Duration so hard to come by?

For the record, in case my questions get annoying… You did ASK what “why” I wanted to know. If you hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have said anything.

Not usually, the only guaranteed case where it lessens dps is with Physical builds.

Magical builds rarely have enough conversion to weigh against the Piercing conversion innate to a weapon. The only times when this isn’t usually the case (e.g., when you can stack very high Conversion values) is when you’re using a Aether/Lightning build. Everything else can’t convert high enough (which is fine, but understanding why it’s fine is a lot more math than I care to go into here. Frankly, Aether/Lightning having so much conversion available to them could be grounds for nerfs).

Doesn’t answer your why, though, and it is a legitimate question. Armor Piercing seems like a relic of the pre-conversion era that is still continued to this day for some reason.

Why does Cindercore have bonuses to Grenado and Canister Bomb? It’s a gun, they are spells… Seems anti-synergistic to use attacks with spells in most cases, but generally you end up holding a scepter to cast with.

Except it’s a gun without any Speed on it, Attack or Cast speed, so its best bet is something with a cooldown. Since it has +Burn Duration on it, having it centered on Burn Damage for cooldown-based spells seems fine to me.

Why is Summon Familiar such an idiot?
Welcome to AI. Anything AI-controlled and ranged-based is dumb, be it friend or foe.

If you don’t swing with a scepter either, what difference does it make then? It opens up hypothetical opportunities for somebody to use ranged attacks in conjunction with the cooldown skills it boosts, as opposed to a melee weapon where you’d have to go into melee to swing it.

Because that is the established mechanism we have for piercing weapons. If they did pure magic damage, their dps would be reduced accordingly.

Then don’t try to use them all.

Because then it would be called Curse of Everything.

If you don’t like them, don’t use them. I’m not sure what to tell you there. They are plenty useful, especially before you reach the end-game, and for players that aren’t power gamers.

Answered by Ceno above, welcome to AI. Pathing is one of the banes of game dev.

There are plenty of players who find it enjoyable. Not everybody is a min-max player.

I suppose it’s bad because you hope for it to do everything, include kill bosses. It’s getting a boost in though.

I don’t know…limited time in my short mortal life? At some point we gotta sleep instead of making more skills/items. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why must everything be absolutely equivalent? There’s some Trauma Duration coming in

While i agree or can digest most of what your wrote somethings bother me

-Are we not getting any Bleed Caster support/spell in the expansion? Cause that’s bummer :undecided:

-Going to disagree on Blade Trap, the skill is a 24 point investment and does nothing. A lot of players want something be done with it. I just want a complete re-work and other people might not want a complete re-work but they do want it to “not suck”
OFF is a good example of a skill that is useless vs. bosses but has practical uses (end game CC for weak builds and early game power leveling)
By comparison Blade Trap is accessed in later part of mastery bar and does nothing.

why ? not absolutely everything has to work in every way imaginable

Never quite understood that approach

Didn’t meant it that way. i was looking forward to Bleed Casters since that’s the only thing lacking for me

Makes sense.

That’s not really an answer. You set the mechanism, and I’m curious as to why you did it.

Why are they there if not to be used? The game focuses heavily on scaling a few damage types, but NB ends up with a bunch of flat that they can’t use, kicking around. I get synergy and all, but some of them seem like it’s intentional to just shove everything in there. If you look, NB actually has more types of flat damage than any other class. What gear that isn’t NB specific support, for example, Cold and Poison? None. It’s anti-synergy at that point.

… Did you mean that to be an answer?

Also not really an answer. And I’m not the only one finding this an issue, there’s been more than a few threads about it. Some few CCs are useful on mobs and used, OFF being the significant one… Others are wasted, but treated as if they aren’t.

Understandable. Still annoying, but understandable. #BirdBrainedJokes4Ever

There are also plenty of players who find it, and other skills, awful. Those threads are long, and there’s good cause for those skills to be seen as awful, as has been covered there. It’s not just me complaining, and those who are complaining are visibly doing it with cause.

It doesn’t kill mobs effectively, or bosses. It LOOKS like a damage skill, but it barely does any. It’s ineffective at pretty much everything, just good for Fevered Rage shenanigans, and this has persisted since the last buff you gave it. It’s a LONG skill line, with a LOT of points to go into maxing it… But it does worse than skills with a lesser point investment. Significantly so.

Understandable. Hopefully being fixed at some point though. We’ve got good Attacking/Casting options for basically every damage type… Just missing Bleed Casting, really. Not that we can’t always use more of the other options, though.

It doesn’t have to be, but it does seem out of place given how much support there is for other DOT durations. When one thing is notably treated different than all the similar things, it does raise the question of why.

I personally want to have a Physical based offhand tome with an active skill where you bash your enemy with the book with crazy awesome critical hit damage and offensive ability stuff to go on top of that.

A book bashing animation would be pretty hilarious, I’d love that. Ooo, a giant book that’s a 2Her. XD

+10000000 to this idea

Those things look like food, sound like food, smell like food. Why they are not food? :rolleyes:

Considering it’s a vile looking green colour, steaming and bubbling…would you really want to eat whatever the mobs have been making in there. :eek:

Maybe it’s a pot of poison for the mobs to dip their weapons in :wink:

Let fools like Bear Grylls eat that stuff.

How about like TQ tombs? Some could be food and some could be traps.

Should let us drink it for a temporary boost in poison/acid resist.,

i think Nssheepster is right on alot of points… I mean the devs are active but in which way? If I communicate with people and they say something to me or give me some tips then iam listining and dont give stupid answers. There is no respect behind it and in some ways crate is doing so… not cool. I think alot of people love grim dawn ! In my opinion it is the best arpg out there. But its a raw diamond!

For example i gave the suggestion that the world map needs icons for citys and fractions to recognize it alot faster! Its easy to do but noone is listening and if, they say noone needs it :smiley: for me a stupid answer. Iam over 7 years in this forum and i read alot of things here but some are right and some are wrong from crate.

For example for no respect to the community was the debate between the nerfs of a old patch. Nearly all guys said the nerfs are stupid and crate said no. Thats the thing what Nssheepster described with “why”. If crate say we did this nerfs because of the upcoming expansion and the new lvl cap of 100 everyone would understand it. It was the nerfs to devotions and some to the soldier.

Why do you need icons for the cities when their names are clearly shown on the map? :confused: