Grim Dawn Fanart Corner

a ui element for streaming I still have lying around, I don’t actually stream that much but made this especially for it way back when


line art by Jasper Damsté, colors by me


wish we could ride it. or see npcs ride it. in gd 2.

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Beautiful day for a game Maska Art release!
This time it’s no Obsidian Defiler, Bane’Gargoth or Benn’Jahr. Portrait of our beloved meme lord, Scorv Egdenor! Happy little old man who is ready for some Trap, Sever, Delicious! action!
Scorv Egdenor portrait by Maska322, pencils.


Byscilla Cosplay

1min twitch clip showing off cosplay:



Hm :thinking:

Doesn’t show in Microsoft Edge either.

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I just edited it, the link should work now …?

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Okay, somebody out here help me. I already posted in the meme thread I wanted to send @rudegirls support in some way. I’m not a twitch watcher or anything, completely clueless about it. And I did as much research as I can and I still can’t figure out something.

  1. If I do a subscription on Twitch how much of the $$$ does she actually get.
  2. Does she (do you) have a Patreon account because I actually know how to use that. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Thank you so much CaiusMartius! It was a lot of fun to do the cosplay :smiley:

I dm’d you the info. Thanks again!!

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Yes, it does. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Obsidian Champion, a huge Terraria project done for its 10 year anniversary contest.

This gigantic build took over 50 hours of work and it’s 200 000 blocks placed, done alone in journey mode.

The Obsidian Defiler is 600 blocks tall.

The crest above its head is actually Farthest Frontier’s logo!

Marble and Obsidian city:

Golden and Red Obsidian Shards:


I was thinking that (if the Terraria game forum isn’t against outside linking) you should maybe link to at least the Steam pages for both games for anyone that might be interested as a result of your work. I also see no mention of the Farthest Frontier logo in the Terraria forum post.

Pure dedication to obsidian ! I love it ! Impressive work.

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Found this amazing Necropolis voxel art and decided to share it here!
Made by Muerto Ni, link to his work:


my newest fan art, based on the default male character and the AOM main menu screen


kinda reminds me of darius cronley.

lulz, imagine if darius is the taken. john bourbon would be like ‘what was i thinking???’
but that also means we get to command cronley’s gang as disposable summons!!! yay!!!

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i just saw this website, and someone named Sébastien Andrivet and Darci write a great grim dawn OC there, so i feel like sharing it here. give it a good read. its wonderfully written:

there might be other grim dawn writers out there, so if you saw writings like above, feel free to share it here.


Holy crap and they used the old Mayfair DC Heroes game set. One of the most awesome campaigns I ever ran tabletop was back in the early 90s using DC Heroes. Such a throw back.

If you search “Grim Dawn” in general on that site…

Search for "Grim Dawn" -

You notice that ALL the first hits seem to be all the same person. In particular they wrote a piece on the Razor Tartarus…

Razer Tartarus gaming keypad - mini-review and example of use -
…where they mention being the one to have developed the GD stuff on the site.

This triggered a memory of someone mentioning the Tartarus here on the forum some time ago…

Looks like I found “where” they posted a “little thing” about it :wink:

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