Grim Dawn Fanart Corner

if aetherial won grim dawn, ^ will become aetherial normies.




These look rly good! :+1:

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for some reason the aetherial gazers’ lidless empty eye stare feels adorable instead of menacing to me… its like they’re either saying “oh no… i’m just a helpless floating meatball… oh no… here comes the taken wanting to play football with me… woe is my life it shed a single tear begging for mercy”, or they just look surprised with ! sign above their head all the time like memetastic metal gear solid enemies…

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Aetherial obelisk


This an art for my Mage Hunter wearing a shield and gun, throwing the rune of kalastor, it is one of my most successfull builds. I can provide a link if you want :wink:

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A big gun paired with a shield? It’s illogical no matter how you look at it. :eyes:

Well, ai generated art is not that perfect… Yet :nerd_face:

AI Obsidian Defiler!


One more take on shield+pistol setup:

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He is a serious man, with a gunhammer :laughing:.