Grim Dawn Fanart Corner

i just saw this website, and someone named Sébastien Andrivet and Darci write a great grim dawn OC there, so i feel like sharing it here. give it a good read. its wonderfully written:

there might be other grim dawn writers out there, so if you saw writings like above, feel free to share it here.


Holy crap and they used the old Mayfair DC Heroes game set. One of the most awesome campaigns I ever ran tabletop was back in the early 90s using DC Heroes. Such a throw back.

If you search “Grim Dawn” in general on that site…

Search for "Grim Dawn" -

You notice that ALL the first hits seem to be all the same person. In particular they wrote a piece on the Razor Tartarus…

Razer Tartarus gaming keypad - mini-review and example of use -
…where they mention being the one to have developed the GD stuff on the site.

This triggered a memory of someone mentioning the Tartarus here on the forum some time ago…

Looks like I found “where” they posted a “little thing” about it :wink:

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That’s some brilliant sleuthing there. I think Inquistor Creed has some work for you.

I have been using Blender for quite long time, but I never decided to learn about rendering. This is my first render, my lack of knownledge and my potato pc limits me in creativity, but I am still happy of this result.

Obsidian Throne - Once again I make an art with Obsidian Defilers, as they are the best enemy design in Grim Dawn!
All models and textures taken from Grim Dawn, taught myself how to apply normals and do funky lighting. Pose and rig made by myself.


cold damage obsidian defiler: i’m blue dabade dabada

Blender got an update today so I decided to try something new in it, haha.
A small test of making procedural textures for materials. Instead of having a simple sphere mesh, I made this cute amusing box. :yum:


Hmm. It’s mildly amusing, I suppose. :wink:

Seriously though, looks amazing! And the photos are extremely well done too.

it looks rusty and GRIM. let’s hope no bandicoot’s gonna crash the scene and woah-ed it in some weird kart race tournament.

Somebody made some yugol tattoo art:


Holy shit that’s good.

That looks sick! will be a long tattoo session though…

Pixel Obsidian Defiler!

Making it similar to the style of Terraria, because you will have a chance to fight him in the game!

Defiler pet you get form the boss:

The resource pack is now released, enjoy!


New render using Cycles engine.


Frigid Defiler, an icy variant of the beloved obsidian golem. Blender, Cycles engine.


Oooh man crate should put these into the Asterkarn mountains; could be like a side dungeon or smth.


I’m on a roll with these!
Thanks to GrimTex mod creator for 4k textures, another render of the Obsidian Champion. Blender, Cycles engine.


Grim Dawn animated logo, made by Han Chestnut.

Fangs of Asterkarn themed:


^aetherians, chthonians, dreeginians and bleedinians protested that logo for not including their damage types.

Aetherial abomination, done in ink on paper