Grim dawn future

When i read that crate is working on several undisclosed projects and no longer plan any expansions, i began to worry about the future of grim dawn. That the game can be abandoned and forgotten. Is there any point in playing a game that may soon die? What do you think - will crate abandon grim dawn?

They can’t keep adding content forever, all games are eventually abandoned entirely but I reckon GD will still be receiving hotfixes at the very least

I don’t play Grim Dawn solely because they have been working on it. While it is nice that they have done so, and they have polished it well indeed over the years, I play it because I enjoy the game and will keep doing so once they let go.

Plus I still have all the modders that will keep the game “alive” and fresh with new things to do.


If the player base doesnt abandon the game who else can?

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Zantai has said several times they’ll continue to support the game so long as it’s financially viable for them to do so, but eventually it will be “finished” in that nothing more will be added to it when they reach that point.

As powbam said the modding community is very active here and has been for years. New mods are coming out all the time, the most recent being mamba’s Dawn of Masteries which he released this week. Games don’t die just because the developers no long provide extra content. Heck Titan Quest Immortal Throne stopped being developed back in 2008 when Iron Lore went bust, but the modding community has kept the game going ever since then with their efforts. There’s plenty of life left in GD, don’t worry. Especially with this comment from Zantai in the GD Discord the other day.

“I imagine gd fans will be interested in what I’m working on.”

Don’t worry, there’s life in the old GD dog yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just want them to continue polishing the game. I am not asking for big new contents like dungeons.
With “polishing” I mean mainly balancing and bug-fixing.

Having said that, I hope Zantai will officially ask for feedback for component improvements, similar to the Itemization Discussion thread.

After the components, then, I hope for a similar thread for our much-beloved devotions.

Equally, discussions about skills of all classes and legendary set items should be done after that.

I’m sure that would make everyone happy :wink:

Grim Dawn and Future seems to not fit in one sentence.

That being said, the future of Crate of Entertainment is the town builder game and other games. Lets admit Grim Dawn helped them to reach their current status but as time goes by, money will stop flowing eventually… the next game will takeover finally putting the arpg game to the rest. Modders dont give Crate any cash, but the new games will…

There is the upcoming Xbox port launch which should enable for a long time of support, and who knows might be another expansion to top it of or other bigger content patches.

As long as GD provides steady revenue stream for Crate and i guess it doesnt stop them from working on their other projects - they will continue supporting it (or so i take from the developers comments).

By now its universaly aknowledged that GD is the top dog in the ARPG genre (albeit the mmo elements where PoE has the crown for those who are interested in that). In its latest form its better than the old king - D2 LoD (though D1 still wins for me re atmosphere/horror elements) and it has over 3 million units sold which for a title with Zero marketing/advertisment - is a cosmic level of success.

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Why would I care whether I play a game that ‘dies’ soon or not ?

I care that I play a game I enjoy, no matter how many other players there are. As this is (predominantly) a single player game, it makes no difference how many others there are at all.


Yeah no. This game is not hosted on servers that could be shut down in the future. Install and play anytime you want. Or don’t, up to you.

Hard to comprehend nowadays, but thats what playing games used to be.


OP seems to care about what you are saying so I tried to be empathetic with them, I do share your opinion though

People to this day play Diablo 2 I don’t know why you fear that GD will be completely forgotten. There is a modding community that already has plans for some GD mods after Crate stops updating the game completely. Chill and enjoy the game that you can play for hundreds of hours becuase of how big it is and how many interesting builds you can make! <3


The only games that truly die are the always-online ones. Grim Dawn will actually live forever because it doesn’t have that limitations. There will be the time when Crate naturally will stop supporting it, and that time is when the modding community will flourish. People ketp playing Titan Quest years after Iron Lore closed and before the Anniversary Edition was released. Hell, people keep playing Mario Bros and that game haven’t received an update in decades. So brush that “Game as a service” mentality off for a second, and appreciate what a wonderful thing Grim Dawn is.


Seeing as Grim Dawn made Steams Best of 2019 Top Sellers (as measured by gross revenue this year), I’m not sure what more needs to be done to ensure GS immediate future. It’s a bit down in the Bronze category, but it’s there.

I’d guess we really are at the threshold for additional classes, but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be another expansion or DLC.

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So no. GD is pretty much finished apart from a few more updates. The team are moving on to other projects.

tbh, GD2 seems like a very real, albeit distant, possibility. If I were a betting man, i’d say that we’d see GD2 in 2030ish.

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TBH like i pointed out another Topic, i don’t like the word “Abandoned” in this Regard. Don’t get me wrong, i share the Opinion you can expand a Game Ad Infinitum and for me it never was the Case that the Game feel “bloated” because of that, and it would be the same for GD. Fictional Example: Would be there a third Expansion with a 10th Class i would love that and it wouldn’t feel bloated to me. (However especially for the Class i understand how much work it requires to balance that stuff and everything. So again only a fictional example). I’d love to see for 2020 still some Updates.

That being said i still find the word “abandoned” in that context / regard wrong due it overdrama to much. There is nothing wrong for Dev to say when they already delievered a Full Basegame, plus two full Expansions, a Arena-DLC and 2 loyalist Cosmetic Packs, plus alot of free content drops inbetween and after(and not forget that GD was on Release already way bigger than initial planned) they are finished with the work on it and do a closing call. That’s not Abandoning or letting a Game “die”. This are hollow Buzzwords thrown around by people who can’t appreciate the Stuff they’ve gotten anymore and need Contentdrops (Games as a Service) like a mere Carrot to being even able to enjoy the Game…

So no, i don’t think “Grim Dawn” will die soon nor do i think the Devs abandon the Game, but rather they will finish their work on it. We might still have a few Updates to go (atleast their last misadventure indicates that) and the new Totem System alone will be a absolute blast for the next update.

Y’know the good think about Grim Dawn(well some might argue it’s a bad thing, i don’t know) is, that the Story isn’t yet finished, and that the Lore itself gives more than enough meat to build on that. Maybe it will take awhile until we get another ARPG… who knows, but other Games in the same Universe? I totally see that happen in the “close” Future. And if i look at Diablo, i waited 12 Years for another Entry and i don’t regret it, the same goes for GD… i’ve enough patience to wait for it if it ever happens.

But your pessimistic attitiude only because you are butthurt that GD doesn’t work out the way you want, does neither help us nor you… especially it might hurt your health.

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You need to stop thinking about GD as a “game as a service” which have poisoned the gaming industry for years now. GD is a single player game and will never die as there is nothing to be dead from. Live services die not single player games as long as there is a community who wants to play the game like D1/D2/TQ/Skyrim/Fallout(s) etc.
Enjoy the game however you like - vanilla/dlc/modded - as there is no threat that someone will pull the plug on the servers and if there are more updates, it’s always a plus.