Grim Dawn Sidekick (GDSK)

Hey guys. I’m returning from the dead to FINALLY add the GDSK to the new forum site. I will be updating this first post as I get back into the Grim Dawn world.

From our veteran fans, to newcomers, and to players who haven’t heard of it yet, the GDSK is an all purpose supplement to all your item needs. We understand that not every player can spend tons of hours farming or you just don’t feel like farming, so we took to the community and ourselves to compile every item possible and make it available to everyone, everywhere.

Updates will always be in this first post.
04-28-2019 (AoM/FG)
03-26-2017 (Non-AoM/FG)


Welcome back. :slightly_smiling_face: How does this differ from simply crafting anything you want in GDStash?

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Thank you. I have only used GD Stash briefly, mainly to load everything I had in GDSK to see what I was still missing. I’m not sure if you can just load items without first importing them, but I know people were using the two in conjunction previously. If you haven’t dabbled into GDSK, it isnt a program you download, its just a collection of transfer files that you just swap out with your own. GDSK also doesn’t accept rare items, so you’ll need to find another way to find these for yourself, as people were ‘hex editing’ their own and I received some of those in the earlier days of GDSK and have since been removed.

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With GDStash you can craft any item in the game that you want, no need to find/farm it.

That does seem easier to get what you want. I guess the GDSK can serve as an alternate method for people who don’t like to use 3rd party software. I was receiving questions on when the GDSK would be available again on the GD Forums, so I decided to resurrect the thread and download links.

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Thank you very much for reviving this tool. It is awesome! I’ve collected a few blueprints that I didn’t already have and they were not included with the GDSK stuff. Is there any way I can get the transfer file to you so you can add them in for others to use? Here’s the list in case there’s anything in there you want me to remove first:
Glyph of Spontaneous Blades
Mythical Faceguard of Perdition
Mythical Northern Wyrm
Mythical Wyrmbone Mask
Relic - Absolution
Relic - Serenity

What is the difference between using this and using GDstash, because I don’t seem to find any.

It’s as he said here a couple posts just above your post…

It might not float everyone’s boat but clearly enough cared about it to ask him for it again.

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Maybe I’m retarded lol. My question is, you download the data from his link and basically add them to your game files. Why anyone choose this instead of just using GDstash I’m asking. It’s still not legit or I’m missing something so just incase I’m missing something I asked…

Basically like he said, it’s an alternative for those who don’t wish to install a 3rd party program - which there are plenty of people who are like that. Sure, it entails a little more work on their end but it’s simply just another method.

And yes, it would still be considered “not legit” by purists, naturally, as would any method that involved acquiring items that weren’t dropped directly from normal gameplay.


Thanks :slight_smile: I’m not underestimating nor despising his effort and work. But on the matter of using third party programs, if this is suspicious for the security reasons, there is no proof that his uploads also secure.

Honestly all they are, are Grim Dawn *.gst stash files. You are meant to swap them in and out and get the items you are desiring. I don’t foresee them doing much harm unless the person happens to be super-hacker of the year. You can also feel free to run them thru your AV scanner or any of the many online ones that exist…


Just pointing the obvious so there is no difference and although I never used GDstash it is probably a better tool for any GD player who basically have no time to farm or doesn’t want to bother with the process.

Sure, for most people GDStash would be the better option since it essentially automates everything for you. GDStash does have a slight learning curve for noobs to understand its nuances tho and to familiarize yourself with its interface.

Switching stash files in and out I guess could also be considered a learning curve as well for total noobs to computers. Some people just don’t like to install extra software tho, and not necessarily just because of security reasons - from what I can tell one of the biggest reasons is that they are just anal about what they put on their system and it’s usually a hodgepodge of excuses that range from security to OS performance and bloat etc.

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Well I used PoE Trade tool while playing and it slightly affected the computer performance, if it is the same with GDstash, people with bad/old pc like me can use this instead of GDstash.

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To all of the above. I just kept it going because we had spent so much time on it, I wasn’t just going to outright abandon it. Just due to other games releasing, currently Genshin Impact, I don’t hop GD all that often for now, so there’s been a huge lack of updates. Like mentioned, it’s just file swapping and can be done with the game open. And it’s virus free, as is GDStash, lol. I am nowhere the programmer I’d need to be to make it into something more than what it is, or I’d make an alternative myself.


I could look into making a simple Autohotkey program that displays the folder/file structure of the Sidekick downloads and would let the user swap them in and out with a press. Might be handy for some people. I’ll let you know if I get a chance to put it together.

Note: it would, naturally, only be intended to work from the local saving locations files and not cloud.

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I don’t use GD Stash because it requires installing Java, which I hate with a passion! I have not used Java in a long time, but both of my kids required it while in college and both got their computers infected because of it. In some cases it is a necessary evil and I’m sure it has come a long way since then, but I still don’t trust it. Lol
Note: I was a network engineer for 15 years and we used Java where required, but I still hated it and got rid of it where possible. The list of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) related to Java are extensive.

The files included with GDSK are just “transfer.gst” files and contain (as far as I know) legitimate items from the game. Sort of like trading for the items you want without having to actually trade with someone online, who might screw you over.

Anyway, it is just another tool to get the items you want/need for your specific builds without having to farm for 100’s of hours when you don’t have time. I have SO MUCH appreciation for Thoense for all of the hard work that has been put into GDSK! Thoense is the best of the best in my opinion! Thank you and have a nice day! :grinning:

It does not require installation of Java.

Download the version the arrow in the screen above is pointing at and you get to bypass any need to install Java.

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Awesome, that makes me very happy! I might have to give it a try now. Thank you!!! :+1:

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