Grim dawn stopped starting up

Hi! As in the title - my game just stopped launching on Steam overnight. On June 17th, I was still playing, and on June 18th I couldn’t - the “preparation to run Grim Dawn” window appears. I have the Reign of terror mod and DLC. Tried uninstalling the game, running it clean - no mods or saved options - and nothing. Reinstalling the visual c ++ libraries and framework does not help. Does anyone have the same problem?

tried making an exclusion/whitelist for grim dawn in your antivirus?

It turns out the problem is - in some magical way - the issue of synchronizing with Steam Cloud. The game starts normally offline, but not online. The same thing happened with Torchlight 2. What’s more, I can’t even log out of Steam, because it’s infinite sync with Steam Cloud xDDDDD And I have this option turned off globally. I have to deal with this further. My saved games may have been damaged - the game itself could no longer see the saves and characters, so I eventually got rid of them. I don’t quite know why it happened and it’s a pity, because the time was wasted, but maybe I’ll come back - it’s H&S after all, so you can create an endless amount of builds and characters :slight_smile: thanks for your interest in the topic!

Grim Dawn uses separate game save locations when using Steam Cloud and when not using it. So if you turn off Steam Cloud then it shows no characters. You would have to move them from one location to the other.

There is a sticky or guide on the forums for where the save files are kept for each.

might need to “remind” steam to turn off cloud by right clicking grim dawn in your library and ticking steam cloud off in properties there

aside from that, just follow Pow’s guide to get your chars showing up ingame when using local saves/turning cloud off in game too

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Steam’s cloud saving mucks up yet again. They did some updating to the cloud system a little while ago and it’s just made it worse. I’d report it to Steam support, it’s their screw up. When you have cloud saving turned off Steam’s system shouldn’t try and start it up again to sync with the cloud.


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