Grim Dawn Version (Hotfix 1)

v1.1.0.1 (Hotfix 1)


  • Loot filtering now properly applies to items with the % Total Damage attribute.
  • Added server game version display to the multiplayer join menu.
  • Multiplayer join menu no longer displays character info for unjoinable servers. This info was often incorrect due to version differences and could occasionally result in a crash.


  • Unjoinable servers due to version or expansion differences between client and server now show as grey in the server list.
  • Fixed a bug where viewing some multiplayer servers could cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed a bug where the community language download dialog would sometimes fail to show any options.
  • Fixed a bug where characters could be listed out of alphabetical order when using local saves.
  • Fixed a deadlock which could rarely occur on the main menu when loading the character list.
  • Fixed a bug where crafters would show no recipes if a player had no personal recipes.
  • Fixed a bug where minimap/loot filter toggle buttons were hidden when playing with a controller.

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Nice! Glad the multiplayer and loot filter bugs are fixed now :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means to me. This will make navigating my many characters so much simpler.

I got the hotfix installed.

Loot filter still does not work for me (it shows all items no matter what I do) :

Can’t we still have the option to use the old loot filter? :frowning:

I’ve had this issue for years now, and I have always used cloud saves. Regardless, this update fixed it. Thanks!

Strange, does work for me. Did set it for only legendaries and double-rares and it shows exactly that.

See this is how fast you do bugfixes… not like in Anthem where bugs are not fixed even a month after release. Congrats team!

even if you Alt + Tab ?

The spaghetti code has been de-spaghetti-ed! In other words: fixed.

Yes, have tried it several times and it still doesn’t display any “wrong” items. I’m still running the 32x though, maybe that’s somehow connected :rolleyes:

maybe, I run 64bit. I can try the 32 bit and loot filter later

And after downloading the hot fix Grim Dawn is now unplayable for me. Once I launch Grim Dawn my cursor permanently moves towards the right side of the screen non-stop.

Thank you for the hotfix

Btw why is the sword in the ground glowing an orange effect?
You know, the one to the left of the character list :]

When can we expect GOG patch to drop?

They always released patches a couple hours later than steam, day at most, but now a couple days passed and still nothing

This is weird, after I installed this update, the x64 mode doesn’t seem to work anymore.
It worked beautifully in The screen didn’t stutter even with dozens of chrome tabs.

Now with the same chrome tabs, it stutter just like x86 mode. What is happening?

Just updated and trying to setup a multi player game.

3 people, no-one can join. Tried both x86 and x64 versions.


Have the other people also updated with the patch? If not, then I suspect that is the issue.

Actually, patch is on GOG now. I’ve updated just before the hotfix is released :slight_smile:

Might include the hotfix. Zantai said in the GD discord they had an issue with the GOG version which delayed it so the hotfix may have been included.

I see the same thing, it actually stutters again now. This makes me sad, it was so smooth yesterday.