Grim Dawn Version Hotfix 1

v1.1.1.0 Hotfix 1


  • Fixed a crash on launch caused by the presence of very old Community Translation Packs.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a Hardcore character for the first time could reset the Softcore Shared Stash.


  • Updated melee Blitz Attacks to feel more dynamic and impactful for each weapon type.
  • Added new charge animations for 2h and Dual-wield melee configurations.


  • Updated the Hidden Path doors to auto-close after a delay. After they close in this manner, they can be interacted with to reopen. Should hopefully address issues where these doors become permanently closed on subequent visits; but then again these are doors, and doors are the work of Ch’thon and should be stowed away in the Luminari Vault.


  • Summoned Companion Pets (ex. Will’O’Wisp and Hargate’s Crystal) are now limited to max 3 pets at a time. These pets no longer collide with other creatures.
  • Epic - Essence of Beronath: reduced % Attack/Cast Speed to 4%
  • Epic - Empowered Essence of Beronath: reduced % Attack/Cast Speed to 4% and reduced Elemental damage to 10

[Class & Skills]

  • Various immobile player-scaling pets (ex. Mortar Traps) no longer collide with other creatures


  • Hound: increased % Armor to 7%
  • Vulture: added 5% Spirit


  • High Potency: reduced % Damage Modifier to 165%
  • Thermite Mine: fixed an issue where Thermite Mines would persist visually after expiring with Corpse Persistence set very high


  • Blade Spirit: Blade Spirits no longer collide with other creatures


  • Wind Devil: Wind Devils no longer collide with other creatures

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Excellent, thanks Zantai and congrats to you all on the release of FG.

Removal of collision is excellent and should certainly speed things up!

The most tyrannical change in GD history. WHY YOU HURT MY MINI SUMMONS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :mad::furious::furious::mad:

Fooling’ aside this is a fun hotfix. The lack of collision for immortal pets is really nice now that it’s in. That’s one piece of strong cheese removed.

You guys are nailing it with these new animations… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job!

New animation for dual wield Blade Arc when?

Are you telling me that I can`t use my Skellies bros as bodiblockers anymore? Sad, now I think Revenant finishing node need another buff. :o

The change affects immobile pets like totems and mortar.

Rest in peace, sweet Essence of Beronath.

Thank you Crate Ent. for quick and normal GOG release!
Just bought it installed and saw that GOG bugs are fixed.
So Loyalist DLC items are available and the x64 Grim Dawn.exe now uses correct, DirectX 11 DLLs.

Now off to off some Forgotten Gods! :wink:

Could we please get a mythical version of Essence of Beronath? I mean sure it was overpowered for a level 75 item but there is a lack of alternatives for elemental auto attack builds.

The change to Hound along with the other armor buffs will make:
a)the blue path to dying god/hourglass and spear of heavens even more attractive than it already is.
b)widen the gap between low armor and heavily armored builds even further.

wow first time ever that your post for the Hotfix is actually live on GOG at the same time. It’s like you planned this or something :wink:

Forgotten Gods is a masterpiece BTW.

mfw I actually managed to get this nerfed.


There a way to tell if I have the latest hotfix version from my attached screenshot?

Is there no changelog for the expansion? Perhaps I got it wrong but I expected a fairly extensive overhaul of the rest of the game. For example, I assumed that the new mobility item skill slot meant that other items would lose their mobility skills and get something else instead. I guess that I was wrong and that the previous patches were all the changes already?

It has already been done in the last two updates.

I’m downloading FG now and I too came here expecting patch notes… :eek:

Soooo many build are dead now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Read the previous patch notes for and

no, they are just more boring to play until you get lucky in the gear lottery.

That nerf to emp essence of beronath is massive, come on crate!!!

Don’t you at least give us the mythical version with similar stats at the pre-nerf empowered ver?

Truer words have never been spoken.