Grim Dawn Version Hotfix 1

[QUOTE=Zantai;717305]v1.1.1.0 Hotfix 1


  • Updated melee Blitz Attacks to feel more dynamic and impactful for each weapon type.
  • Added new charge animations for 2h and Dual-wield melee configurations.

Thank you for animation effort and i wish we got more in the future

Man, you really thrust that shield out there with Blitz now. :smiley: Much better.

LMAO another nerf, just for the sake of nerfing it… If you think this nerf will make people trade beronath and use the other shitty amulets which you refuse to buff, then you’re out of your mind.

Feel free to let us know which “shitty” amulets we’re refusing to buff that need it.

Blitz’s lack of impact/energy was something that bothered me for a long time, glad we finally got a chance to tweak it and that you like it!

For 2-handed melee weapons can we have thrust animation rather than swing them all the time?:stuck_out_tongue:

New blitz is awesome. :cool: Two hander stuff is cool too, its a pleasure to play .

Hello! I just wanted to let the fine folks at Crate know that I bought Forgotten Gods yesterday and have been enjoying it ever since, but I wanted to take a moment to expressly thank them for adding a 64 bit version of the game client. I don’t know if I missed this before by skimming over the patch notes like a complete idiot, or if this was a last minute surprise change, but it’s most welcome either way.

Even if this had been the only thing I got for my FG purchase, it would have been worth every penny. The wealth of new content only sweetens the deal that much more. Thanks again to all at Crate, and congrats on the great success of FG so far! :slight_smile:

Still crashing every time I enter the “Valley of the Chosen” in I guess what is now act 7

Or Essence of Beronath was just too good, specially for an epic, and not that the other amulets are bad.

The problems is a lack of alternatives for lightning and fire auto attack builds, especially for 2H that realy needed the attack speed it offered.
All lightning and fire legendary amulets that are not part of a set cater mostly to casters.

It would be nice to see a attack speed mod on Shard of the Eternal Flame for example.

It’s a bit funny to read some complaints about this.

My first thoughts on reading about the change was: “it’s about time”. There are a lot of other ammys, even some with +1 to single or even 2 masteries, but +1 to all skills and great extras and craftable…was due for a tweak - and the tweak wasn’t even that bad: -5% speed, it gained aether resistance and some %elemental. :rolleyes:

Didn’t use that amulet, don’t care.

But I do care about the pet limit. Really? Why? They’re just for fun and to look cool…

Because people were using them to block mobs out and since the pets were invulnerable, it was a temporary, invulnerable wall from some enemies

Well, we wanted to add more such pets, but we found that at a certain point it turns into a zoo. :smiley:

That’s what pets are all about though. Would love an option to use them all or some way unsupported.

Edit: Yeah it turns into a zoo but being able to choose how many and which ones you do want or don’t want would be nice. It’s your choice to make it a zoo or not so if people don’t like it being a zoo they can turn some off? They don’t do anything anyway in combat…

And what’s wrong with having a player zoo in a single player game?

He probably meant that other amulets are shit because they don’t give +1 to all skills and were not overdosed like the Epic Beronath amulet. :rolleyes:

I personally never actually liked the Beronath amulet, always chose the legendary variant because of crit damage, and I bet most people only really cared about this amulet because of +1 to all skills, but now we got some cool amulet that most likely people will love - Shattered Realm amulet, which gives +1 to all skills, +3 to all resists, damage, resists, energy regen. Oh wait, this amulet is shit, according to Green Dawn and we all know this guy knows what he’s saying, so you did a shit job, Crate. :rolleyes:

Seriously, if you compare Shattered Realm amulet to Essence of Beronath, there’s no way Beronath is better. Even if it still had 10% attack/casting speed, 3% max all resists, 3 energy regen and 50% all damage is still way better.
“BUT SHATTERED REALM SET IS SHIT AND THEREFORE THE AMULET IS SHIT TOO” - I actually believe he’d say that. :smiley:

Hotfix? Steam did not download any update recently for the game. Is it out already?


Please revert :frowning: