Grim Dawn Version Hotfix 1

V1.1.5.1 Hotfix 1


  • Fixed an issue where player buffs could become desynced in Multiplayer, resulting in friendly auras dealing damage to allies.
  • Fixed an issue where equipping items from the Stash could result in a desync in Multiplayer.


  • Fixed an issue where enemies could spawn underground in the Hungering Darkness event.
  • Fixed an issue where the loot chest past Morgoneth in the Tomb of the Heretic would not open.
  • Fixed an issue where the Morgoneth’s Black Heart could not drop.


  • Fixed several item changes that were listed in v1.1.5.0 but were not included in the release build.
  • Removed common quality version of Morgoneth’s mace from the game. This was monster-only equipment not meant to be used by players.
  • Faction - Corruptian: added 100% of Physical dealt as Acid modifier for Dreeg’s Evil Eye and increased Physical damage modifier for Ravenous Earth to 46. Removed % Physical dealt as Acid.
  • Blood Orb of Ch’thon: increased bonus to Bloody Pox to +2
  • Conduit of Arcane Whispers: reduced % Weapon damage modifier for Albrecht’s Aether Ray to 16% and increased its Cold damage modifier to 92
  • Conduit of Runic Whispers: reduced % Weapon damage modifier for Flames of Ignaffar to 20%
  • Deathguard Set: increased % Crit damage modifier for Shadow Strike to 35%
  • Mythical Blood Orb of Ch’thon: increased bonus to Bloody Pox to +2 and added 30% Slow Resist
  • Mythical Deathmarked Hood: increased Cold damage modifier for Amarasta’s Quick Cut to 26
  • Mythical Dreegal’anore: increased Offensive Ability to 170 and increased Acid Retaliation to 1744-2400
  • Mythical Hallanx’s Head: removed +1 Summon Limit modifier for Wendigo Totem
  • Mythical Valdun’s Rifle: reduced % Chaos dealt as Pierce modifier for Fire Strike to 50%

[Class & Skills]

  • Alladrah’s Phoenix: reduced % All Retaliation damage to 60%
  • Fox: added 2% of Attack damage Converted to Health
  • Gallows: added 3% Health
  • Rat: added 25% All Retaliation damage
  • Fetid Pool: reduced % Retaliation damage added to Attack to 8%
  • Messenger of War (Celestial Power): reduced % All Retaliation damage to 210%
  • Phoenix Fire: reduced % All Retaliation damage to 140%


  • Destruction: reduced Energy Cost scaling with rank


  • Disintegration: reduced base % Crit damage by 5%

So is the morgoneth chest armor still bugged for now? Or did you forget to list it? :slight_smile:

Long overdue, great change (I suspect that AAR is still op tho)


well deserved

Dang guys, that was FAST!!

Thanks for the hotfix and enjoy your Thanksgiving! :+1:

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Really nice! Although I am sad to see even more retal global Nerf, and no storm box unnerfing.

I dare say to remove all wendigo totem modifier from hallanx and make it support something else IMO. Wendigo totem doesnt really need that reduce flat CDR.

Thanks for the quick hotfix :slight_smile:

Agreed. How about adding +2 AAR, some flat Vitality to AAR and 100% Aether Damage to Vitality Damage to AAR (with Red Beam of Death!) instead of Wendigo support? Dark One gives Wendigo plenty of support as pointed out by others and this would make Vitality AAR more of a thing! :slight_smile:

I tried suggesting the change to the Mythical Abyssal Mask in a thread, but that didn’t make it in. Instead, this item is perfect for Vitality AAR Warlock/Spellbinder.

Z, any chance this can happen?

I get the AAR conduit nerf, but I’m curious if new FoI builds seem to be overperforming as well? I’m wondering why the reduction to that conduit.

FoI nerf why?

A rare update I’m not depressed about. Nice.

You should take a break from the game then.

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Give it a chance.



my gun sorc is saved

Very nice update! This time even whiners can’t say anything… I hope :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m being absolutely sincere when I say this - those are some spot on nerfs, Z.

Yay for Corruptian! I’ve had my eye on that item for a while, but the Phys -> Acid conversion on it was a damper. Now it’s much more attractive.

Good and super quick hotfix! Thanks a lot and have a nice Thanksgiving!

Nice that legendary aura bug has been squashed!
On to the map bug xD kidding ;p
ty for the support Team

More retal nerfs :frowning:

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That was a fast hotfix! Great work, Z.