Grim Dawn Version Hotfix 2

V1.1.5.2 Hotfix 2

[Shattered Realm]

  • Fixed an issue with the Manifestation of Hunger level being too dark
  • Fixed an issue where progress beyond Shard 115 would not be saved for the Deathly Waystone
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could spawn out of bounds in the Shattered Conclave and Volcanic Temple boss arenas
  • The following changes apply to the Shattered Realm only, and not other game modes:
  • Reduced Kubacabra’s Blood Pool healing by 20%
  • Reduced The Sentinel’s Mind Control duration by 50%
  • Reduced the duration of Kaisan’s Eldritch Shards by 38%


  • Fixed a bug with Possessed Statues (Temple Keepers) occasionally leaving behind a frozen statue after spawning.
  • Fixed a skinning issue with the female hands/torso on the Great Wolf armor set.
  • Increased scale on maggot hitbox to fix skill targeting issues.


  • Fixed an issue where some item skill modifiers would not apply to Mortar Trap’s “The Big One”
  • Fixed crash with multiplayer player portraits.
  • Fixed the Loot Filter and Compass Toggle HUD buttons being interactable when not visible while using a controller.
  • The World Map will no longer become misaligned with certain UI scales.
  • Added item Illusion support to multiplayer player portaits and the multiplayer server browser.


  • Fixed an issue where Carmac would leave his journal inside the Maw of Enaht before he actually goes there
  • Fixed an issue where the Korvan Magi encounter would sometimes not spawn in the Tomb of the Heretic
  • Fixed an issue where traps were not spawning in the Tomb of the Heretic
  • Increased drop rate of Rings from the Korvan Magi encounter in the Tomb of the Heretic


  • Fixed an issue with Magi Monster Infrequents having lower % Damage values than intended
  • Epic - Mythical Corruptor’s Robe: replaced % Aether Resist for pets with % Elemental Resist
  • Monster Infrequent - Fleshwarped Tome: reduced Aether damage modifier for Albrecht’s Aether Ray to 40

Legendary Items

  • Avenger of Cairn: reduced Retaliation bonuses on the granted skill
  • Callagadra’s Visage: reduced % Chance of All Retaliation damage to 16% of 600%
  • Deathguard Hood: added 70 Acid damage modifier for Shadow Strike
  • Deathguard Shroud: replaced bonus to Necrotic Edge with +2 to Dread
  • Diviner’s Mantle: replaced % Aether Resist for pets with % Chaos Resist
  • Harra’s Artifice Set: increased Cold damage modifier for Callidor’s Tempest to 95
  • Harra’s Hood: increased Cold damage modifier for Callidor’s Tempest to 60 and the % Crit damage modifier for Stun Jacks to 20%
  • Mark of Anathema: reduced % damage against Aetherials to 10%
  • Mark of Dark Dreams: added % Pierce Resist and reduced % Vitality Resist
  • Mythical Arcanum Frigus: added 50% of Fire dealt as Cold modifier for Devastation
  • Mythical Avenger of Cairn: reduced Physical Retaliation to 446-640
  • Mythical Clairvoyant’s Wand: reduced Aether damage modifier for Albrecht’s Aether Ray to 33
  • Mythical Dawnshard Grip: removed Duration and Cooldown Reduction modifiers for Mortar Trap
  • Mythical Dread Mask of Gurgoth: reduced Lightning damage modifier for Mortar Trap to 80
  • Mythical Essence of the Grim Dawn: reduced Aether damage modifier for Albrecht’s Aether Ray to 33
  • Mythical Mark of Anathema: reduced % damage against Aetherials to 10%
  • Mythical Mark of Dark Dreams: added % Pierce Resist and reduced % Vitality Resist
  • Mythical Nidalla’s Legwraps: added 50 Offensive Ability and 18% Chaos Resist. Removed % All Retaliation damage and Poison Retaliation.
  • Mythical Pestilence of Dreeg: added 50% All Retaliation damage
  • Mythical Ring of the Black Matriarch: increased Acid Retaliation to 340
  • Mythical Rune of Elgoloth: reduced Lightning damage modifier for Mortar Trap to 1-60
  • Nidalla’s Legwraps: added 16% Chaos Resist. Removed Poison Retaliation.
  • Rotgheist Mask: added 2.5 Energy Regeneration
  • Rotgheist Chestguard: added 4.0 Energy Regeneration
  • Spellscourge Bulwark: increased Physical damage modifier for Blade Arc to 60
  • The Korvan Dunefiend Set: increased Acid damage modifier for Blood of Dreeg to 33 and reduced Cooldown modifier for Shadow Strike to 1.0s
  • Venomskin Legwraps: increased Health to 702 and Poison Retaliation to 700 / 5s and added % All Retaliation damage. Added % Retaliation damage added to Attack to the skill proc (Forgotten Gods only).
  • Venomtongue Mantle: added 18% Pierce Resist
  • Warborn Bastion Set: added 10% Crit damage modifier for Oleron’s Rage

[Class & Skills]

  • Black Blood of Yugol: added % Damage Reduction
  • Eye of Korvaak: increased % Weapon damage scaling with rank to 18%


  • Fabric of Reality: reduced % damage to Aetherials and Chthonics scaling with rank to 12% by rank 12, 18% by max ultimate rank


  • Call of the Grave: increased % Crit damage for pets scaling with rank to 25% by rank 10, 40% by max ultimate rank

Thx for the Patch!

TKS for you.

Thanks bois.

Thank you, Crate!

Thx for the Patch! :grinning:

No stormbox unnerf, but Dat yugol Devo buff!!!

Thanks guys!

anddddd have a Merry Christmas!!

Nice to see something was added to the Warborn Bastion set, but sad that it applies to Oleron’s Rage which isn’t used for the Warlord builds that the set is designed for (Still hoping for revamped Cadence support at some point).

I have to say that this community is pretty amazing. Anytime anything at all changes in d3 people go haywire. Even if something is buffed then adherents of other classes get pissed about it. It’s kinda nice to log in here, see some changes, see some nerfs, and see a bunch of thank yous from the forum-goers.

yes, another one of my feedbacks got thru.

And this one. Except why just 50%? Is there any danger of Harra Breaker or Sorc becoming op?

12% is pretty big for Acid and Cold melee glass cannons, thanks a lot!

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So happy my request with Magi Ring drop rates was addressed. The damage values being lower than anticipated for Magi MIs is unclear. Does this mean the Armor piecs MIs, or buffing the OP rings further?

Thank you for the quick fix. I will test Spellscourge later and give feedback.

You guys are like the coming storm. Relentless, cleansing and in the aftermath, or so refreshing.

Thanks for the hard work all!


Duh, I thought it was grim dawn, not world of warcraft meets my little pony. :scorv: :wink:

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thanks for all the fixes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Good changes all. Zantai is the best dev. Golden medal and bravo!

Really nice to see some of the feedback from veteran players getting through despite so many differences of opinion. That Yugol change? Spot on. Nemesis changes? I believe that came from me so that’s obviously righteous.

Some things are still missing imo. The Mortar conduit is still useless, shaman lightning skills are still monstrous, -17 aether and -8/11% aetherial racial might still not be enough to tame Clairvoyant. But that’s okay, I guess. Can’t cover everything in one hotfix in a game of this magnitude.


Thanks for the patch guys.:+1: