Grim Dawn Version

Maybe they could add another source of rata dmg like a proc on block chance doing rata dmg? Fits the theme

Then you missed the part about hellborne getting massive flat to it, then rata to BR and the added smite mod to Olkaroth :stuck_out_tongue:. It does pretty well.

Or if you didn’t miss it, you have to try it. Was pretty into this build in testing. Only downside is massive skill investment with new wps

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Thing is, hellborne can’t get high retal value being 2H and not much retal damage in mastery. My previous concept is mixing Rta + ordinary auto attack damage, but it was obvious RtA contribute far more.

But yeah, I should test it before jumping into more conclusion. I still expect it to clear slower, hopefully can find something to compensate.

It clears roughly the same. And it’s still ordinary attack + rata on my part. The build greatly encourages hybrid play. I’m just glad it’s not so reliant on jaxx ring any more and you can do mroe interesting stuff with those slots

Why? All the items giving +PRM level give either aether or elemental damage bonus, same with Supercharged, same with Proilferation, and for Distortion there is one pair of boots… :sob:

en fait le jeu vérifie le numéro de version, le hack simple pour continuer à jouer en français : faut aller dans le dossier localization, ouvrir le fichier zip, trouver le fichier txt contenant le numero de version, copier le fichier en dehors du zip, modifier le numéro, et remplacer l’ancien txt du zip avec le nouveau, tout ça surtout sans dezipper… quand tu relances le jeu rechoisit french et ça doit marcher… of course tu auras peut-être des bugs sur les items modifiés non traduits…

lien version actuelle trad : [French Translation]

tu peux donc aussi DL, le nouveau zip, mais perso changer le num soi-même est aussi simple. new visual effects
Correct me if something is missing or was already in the game

And this sexy Vitality Devastation from Gaze of Ungoliax has support in the form of Diviner’s Vision set. Waiting for someone to make a proper build with this combo. The set off-hand does not change the color of Devastation assuming I tested it correctly.


What’s missing is chaos bone harvest, chaos WoP, chaos Ill Omen (?), and I’m not sure if fire Callidor’s existed. Also War Cry looks new, and the transmuter changes its color. No idea about items that add damage to War Cry.

Thanks! Things missed are not that important/spectacular so I’ll leave them out

  • Chaos Bone Harvest: skipped because it looks like Vitality Bone Harvest from Blood Knight. Also just lightning on top of bones.

  • Chaos Word of Pain: I may have missed it by accident but I’ll leave it out

  • Chaos Ill Omen: I must have missed by accident but I’ll leave it out since it’s not like you’re going to play it for FX.

  • Fire Callidor - existed:

As I can see Acid Devastation existed already as well but I have included it by accident. I’ll leave it for the nice pic.

Are you sure? What Item changes War Cry color? I’ve never seen items that add damage to change FX so for now I assume they don’t. Well if you can change War Cry color then I’ll include it for sure.

Instead of +3 to both Upheaval and Shattering Smash, the (3x) Brawler’s Gloves that I had stashed (infinite stash via GD Item Assistant) were getting +6 to Shattering Smash and no modifiers for Upheaval.

+6 to Shattering Smash is kinda awesome, but I’m guessing this is unintentional? (P.S. this page shows what I mean: )

What about this one? Shameless self promotion :stuck_out_tongue:

Still working on getting a Gaze (though short on spare time) but it should be stronger than it was in, last patch it was already able to kill Lokarr without any major issues.

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I just checked, and it’s only the Terrify transmuter in the mastery that changes its color. Thanks for all the screenshots.

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Thanks a ton for this info. When I was playing Lightning Forcewave I had everything to make it look as cool as possible - illusion, Storm Totems, Wind Devil even movement skill with lightning nova. If only I knew I could have a full screen blue War Cry.

Thanks for linking this, cool and very well done. I mute most of the topics after reading them once so I didn’t see/remember it.
I’ve looked into the Compendium but there are only Aether Spellbinders there.

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Im super pumped for that lightning Doom Bolt. My next build is going to be a Thor or Zeus themed one, maybe a lightning conjurer? Is there such a thing?

There is if you make one. :wink: Shaman’s Primal Strike, Occultist’s Doom Bolt, maybe the Familiar adding it’s lightning to the mix. Or Storm Totem or Wind Devil.

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Trozan’s set would suit a Lightning Conjurer nicely as well and doesn’t use the amulet slot. Less emphasis on Doom Bolt but means you’d be mixing casts of it in with Cold/Lightning Sigils and Wind Devils.

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Several lightning Conjurer builds in the compendium already so pretty sure you can make one of some kind.

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Great update Crate,

But Z how swift is that off path death supposed to be :smile:. This boi was sitting there under the map with his health regen just ticking up like normal.

Good, I really liked the patch, but where’s the caption Portuguese?