Grim Dawn Version Hotfix 2

Why punish lightning retaliation warders again and again? Eh I don’t care anymore my toon is still indestructible…


And yet again those of us that have the GOG version are being shafted. Don’t see the update out yet - wtf :rage:

Without any judgment:
Someone please name me one game that´s been balanced around that extremely and over such a long time as GD!

If you have Galaxy installed then it’s now available for download.

I do have the GOG Client. When I looked 2 hours ago it wasn’t there. If it’s there now awesome !

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Can you add some energy regeneration to Barrelsmith set? Grenado and CB consume a lot energy but this set has no ER.


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I wish this was anything other than elemental resist. Elemental gear and affixes are already overloaded with it. At least the attack speed boost is nice.

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Dear @Zantai.

I would like to ask 1 question regarding to the respawn of skellies.
Has something changed to the respawn mechanism of Skellies? I have the feeling that Skellies, that have been hurt, have been preferred when it comes to respawn mechanism in the previous version.

Thank you VERY much for adding +2 to Stun Jacks to Mythical Tempest of the Void :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (not included in the patch notes btw).


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Omg, why didn’t anybody tell me the Doombringer Herald of Doom banner was a wendigo totem model this entire time!


Hm, because - just like you - nobody noticed. :crazy_face:

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Because no one uses the Doombringer amulet. :scorv:


Literally this. :joy:

I’d certainly hope not considering it’s level 75. :wink:


You know, i think people would know about the Herald of Doom thing if it was in the level 94 version. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybes in v1.1.8.0.


Wonder what other mythical is getting their lower level version granted skill. You can’t just stop at one. pogchamp

Wait, i showed excitement. Zantai will now delete all granted skills from the game.