New Visual Fxs?

Did you guys change the terrain in the Mourndale fields? Added some wheat effect?

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wtf is wheat effect? Hay fever?

LoL I mean the grain, the plants, fields, they grow on the ground and you harvest them, process them and make breads…


Please inform me if something like that is added.
I will then close my eyes and imagine it as if I didn’t have every possible effect turned off for the FPS.

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Actually 2 hours ago, I went to the Grava hunt, and I noticed wheat plants flourish by wind near by the puddles on the center of the Mourndale, I surprised then couldn’t be sure about that recently I set to low the shaders setting in video options(it was medium before), it was like lol I guess my computer gives more details on low settings then thought that maybe they add it with the new hotfix.

My settings so you can be sure it is not a very high texture/rendering detail. I can go back and take some screenshots after the SR run.
PS: I was playing with medium settings except reflections, shadows and weather but with I get some fps drops, then with new hotfix it got frequenter so I set all to low.

Something flourishing on low shaders is weird indeed. These are my settings:

  • Textures, Particles, Detail Objects, Alpha Coverage, Soft Particles - didn’t notice any lower performance

  • Anty-aliasing: low res + lack of AA makes your eyes bleed

  • Post Processing - the most important thing for me; in the past I couldn’t play the game, found it very bland and FPS was really bad; 2 years later I discovered this option, tweaked FPS and could finally play it; The color difference is night and day.

The others I tried, AA and Triple Buffering are killing my gpu, Detail Object and Post Processing doesn’t really matter to me so I keep them disabled anyway. And Dept of Field helps on keeping the FPS at proper levels while there are many packs of monsters and their skill effects on the screen but it can also make things blurry.

We’re hijacking the hotfix thread lol…

To moderators - could you branch it out?

Then I’ll definitely try it out. Blurriness doesn’t really matter to me that much.

[edit] Man, I think you got it wrong. Depth of Field probably improves the image quality / simulates some realistic effects because

  • I got 50 FPS in Devil’s Crossing when it’s turned on

  • 54 when it’s off

Tested multiple times, switching it back to back. And now I remember testing in the past in the same way.

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I works for me I guess, even if I’m wrong it has not created any problems for now.


I mean these by wheat…

Got the weed too and I haven’t updated the game because GI is not ready yet.:

So if your game is not updated yet, you mean these are not new? Am I just seeing them because my shaders option was on medium and now it’s on low and I can see the smurfs…

I guess? Or maybe they were added in 1.1.7.x

Man I killed Grava this week maybe 15-20 times to get a Legguards with both Pierce resist and OA bonus, this means I went there a lot, and these things are new to me. It was all dark green blurry grass before, not I can see a very detailed plants affect which swings on the wind because of the Shaders on LOW. It’s kinda ridiculous, that means my computer process more detail on low settings than higher settings. Here, different screenshots with different settings;

Shaders Medium

Shaders and Texture Medium

Shaders low, Texture Medium

and you know what it’s like when everything is on low. Increasing the Shaders Setting also increases the denseness of the plants.

PS: I’m not on acid or something. If I’m realizing these plants new with all those Mourndale runs since the then shame on me but can devs give us some information about these terrains? Are they new with the latest hotfix? Because they seem unfamiliar to me.