Grim Dawn Version

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why? I see only essence of grim dawn chaos damage buff. Whats more?

YES!! Was waiting for this patch to drop to play my Reaper from scratch and re-explore some shits! Gonna be fun

Tainted Power got a damage buff as well. Some Chaos AAR builds don’t take it, some do.

Great update as well, the number of changes is staggering and exciting :+1:.

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Wow, thank you for the information! :smiley:

A 10% multiplicative bonus to the AAR transmuter (used by chaos AAR), and effectively 5% more RR thanks to the global change to mobs. It’s only countered by losing 175% damage from Disintegration, which is like a 2 to 3% damage loss since chaos builds have a massive %damage amount, and warlocks a lot of spirit

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Buffs accross the board? I was not expecting that.

Buffs to epic items? I just prepare several purely blue builds. Awesome.

Physical devotions are better now finally!

Finally worth taking?

2000? Just wow :smiley:

Occultist still needs energy regen somewhere.


Savagery as a buff builds need some rework now.

Yes. I was mising that just recently.

Old Groove is now accessible. The map is quite disappointing Nice Shield

Aether Pistol MI soulflayer upgrade ahoy, happy regardless of rest of patch

The amount of additional +skills breaking my head, gonna need GT update to understand the impact

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It already had +2 to RoS

Target nerfing my builds is still a thing I see

That’s way too harsh.

Come on now


v good

Will this also influence the attack animation of Markovians Advantage for two Handers (Leap) ?

The new areas are incredible, beautiful scenery, great lore, good amount of hidden loot, and a bonus boss in each I found so far. My only disappointment is that the celestial totems only spawn one superboss, it’s too easy.


Wow, you came up with this necklace choice all by yourself, did you?




“You won’t make it very far.” Literally.

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You can jest all you want, old man, but you have been using my builds as reference whenever you needed to nerf something for god knows how long now, and this patch is no exception.

CB nerfs are kind of deserved tho, but Wildblood set nerfs (especially duration) are too much.


What new locations have you find? I found just bridge in devil crossing and pine barrens. Are they more here?

I’ve got so many questions…



I believe there are six(?) new locations to find! :wink:

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