Grim Dawn Version

There are 9 areas according to Medea, I only found the Coliseum (my favourite so far), the Pine Barrens one (which imo is perfectly integrated to the world), the Sunward Spire, Arkovian Harbour and Old Grove.

In which areas can I find them? Long time I did not play campaign so I am kinda lost on map :sweat_smile: 6-9 is a lot

I can make a thread where we list the new areas and MIs to keep this thread clean and spoiler-free if people want


Hell yeah! Finally, thanks a lot Z for the opportunity to make dw fire dervish and sabo :smiley: this is more important to me than the new areas but first I need to find those new MI’s :rofl:


I was miscounting. It’s 8 if you include Old Grove


Two new areas near East Marsh.


indeed…7+ old grove joke :slight_smile:

I swear i couldn’t stop laughing at this xD All the whine about the bridge to old groove, due everyone wants a big south area, and than this. Well played Crate, well played xD


Really like this patch. I’ve been reworking several of my obsolete characters, looks like no problems crop up with the patch, +1.

Aura of Conviction might have a use now.

It had a use before? Pierce Inquisitors loved it. Outside of those, it was also debatable whether Octavius Tacticians would choose it or Oleron’s Rage.

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It’s actually 350% since it had both % aether and fire, which the transmuter converts the former and the black flame dagger converts the latter.


It’s telling you to dig deeper or go deeper, depending on what you see.



Interesting patch - thanks Crate as usual!


You’re right ! The buff isn’t as massive as I’d first thought.

Time to cough up some money again for this new content. Oh wait…


YES!!! time to reset the accound and database and start fresh with the new patch! I love it

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Nice buff for my Yugol builds.

And EoR builds.

@Zantai and @mad_lee i love you guys! You make this forum so awesome, and im not joking. Were all like a family, can always expect this every time there is an update and the love/hate relationship you have is something I would really miss if it was gone. I have lost a lot of people in my life and learned to really value these strong relationships. I am so glad to be a part of this community! Thank you all, best game ever!