Grim Dawn Version

Never take Lokarr serious, he is not even a real celestial!


Parts of it hint that it might be a troll post but then his reply a bit further down makes me not so sure - unless he is truly stringing these dorks along - in which case, I applaud him.

I will go on the record here tho to say this: people that subscribe to the “Waaaahh you shouldn’t NERF single-player games, only BUFF” philosophy belong in their own little special category of stupid.

End quote.


Do you mean the visual because you can convert all Aether globally with

on Warlock (and almost a half of Lightning / Fire).

Although no gear support means problems but it’s doable.

Lokarr’s post is obvious sarcasm. Don’t you guys know the guy?


There’s a point that you string 'em along… and then there is a point where you drop that string and rub their faces in the dirt.

That’s where I come in.

Definitely doable :slightly_smiling_face:. Need to test my acidic Warlock in new SR shards and prepare for Compendium [] Toxicity unacceptable - Acid AAR Warlock [sr] [vid] [mi]. Sorry for off-topic.

Thanks for reminding me, I knew I had seen it. Great build :slight_smile:

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I was testing my build after revising and I realised something. New timer thingy is great(I know I asked for it) but…

in maps like Gazer Prime, you don’t gain any bonus seconds for killing those enemies nor the boss itself, same as treasure box map, big worms map etc so those maps are kinda let your timer run down. No big deal in farming range but It’s kinda annoying if you’re pushing for higher shards because there you have higher chance to die, and when you die you left very little time on the timer, those maps makes it harder to gain the time after such situations.

Regarding the Acid AAR - I hoped for a visual enhancement for the ray itself. To make it look like superslimey green acid-something. I know about the conversion, I got a ton if replies on my forum post regarding exactly that. But I am a collector of different colored-rays - and I deeply miss the supergreen one. :frowning:

I think after Grim Dawn is finished we should add Community Conduits that are in-line with what’s already in the game so that more meme builds are possible to make.

Me too, but we have only conversions for now.

Somehow ppl prefer to feel the excitement and swift combat, also OP, mobs slained like leaves in autumn, rather than a slowpoke. I think us prefer diving deeply in SR/Cru/Superboss, so we’d love to do harder and harder to nearly impossible, rather than being “pushed back”( ex SR 120 -> 75). Like you just got an achievement, the next day the boss says “no, you cant”. Well, a bit depressed. No more motivity to improve/update a build has quadrum nerfed.

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Watch the thread go utterly silent as everyone assaults poor GrimTools XD


nice OA/DA scale increase man.

(actually it’s just me being blind, they did mention %damage increase)


Is it joke or what? 30%, 10%, 100%, 145% does’t matter. THIS DON’T WORK WITH PET BUILDS!

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RE: Bonescavenger’s.

It does, but YOU have to make the kill, not the pets, for this particular proc to work.

This proc has always had a hybrid mentality or an active play style, rather than a pure sit-back-and-watch-the-pets style.

But many pet players have just used the gloves for the pet stats. ymmv.


Put that on a Diviner Reap spirit build. It will proc :stuck_out_tongue:

As Hammy said, the player needs to get the kill. And on a pet build that means either having a lot of DoTs stacked and hoping one of them get the finishing blow, or have a high damage nuke.

Since Reap Spirits are pets with a high damage spell component, even on a pure pet build, it works.


Welcome to the wonderful world of “Zantarin vs melee”. Asshole has insanely powerful shotgun of purple projectiles that are absolutely harmless at range, and regularly oneshot anything that stands in front of him.

If Gog didn’t structure its own offline patches it would be just like every other online distributor in not giving us an executable copy of the games we buy–I’ll take GOG warts and all, any day of the week…:wink: