Grim Dawn Version

Greetings mate!

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Thank you for all the glorious Belgian beer!


We do it with more than pleasure! :beers:

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Please make +1 to all skills(every class and NOT just Inquisitor) for Korvaak’s Deception (Relic).

I played till Ultimate secret Q/ Shieldbreaker(Demo +Oath), Purifier(Demo + Inqu), Reaper(Necro + Nightb) builds and each of them would need an extra skill-point to their class from this relic since it works well with each of these classes combination.

Now i play pure classes. All skill-points into 1 class characters because items like this relic are strongly miss-adjusted to wrong classes.

It is absolutely unsuitable for Inquisitor as main class.
Warlock? Yes, Spellbinder? Yes, but never ever Inquisitor as damage class.
Playing Purifier with Flames of Ignafar maxed +10 skill levels(maxed) was hard enough.
Inquisitor level 80 skills are not viable to increase them by items at level 80+.

Thanks Cheers

That’s a demo relic, not inquisitor


If only there were builds other than retaliation, you could try one of them.

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Sorry, my mistake. Thx