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yes but they increased the flat fire and physical damage to compensate. Though this means less armor penetrating converted physical damage. But RoH still got its pierce damage intact. I guess we are talking about around 5% less dps output in total?

But killed, I guess we wont see 4:38 CR runs now, but if a build is #ded if can’t do this cruci times then who am I to tell otherwise :zantai:


It’s more than that. The video is old, build outdated and new paladin builds ( around AoC, max RoK + RF (drop RoH) like hybrid, other skills redistribution too. I’ve tested new RoK, I prefer drop it to spend more points to other skills.

Yes if you drop RoH then damage loss will be more

You never play Paladin physical, you have to test it yourself first…

And you have no proofs that is it killed :smiley:

Because it’s not worth to spend points to it anymore (as physical part). Especially Vipersand gun got buffed. It’s 31 points spare.

RoK doesn’t have only physical version, you know. Chaos and Lightning versions should benefit greatly from this change.

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She already mentioned that.

I can not think for 1 moment that around 280 less flat physical damage that by-pass armor will be killing physical RoK builds. And then I have not taken into account the fact that now the original flat physical will be higher, meaning it will be much less reduced by armor.

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Yep, missed that one =) So yeah, if it’s a slight nerf for physical version at the cost of a buff to other versions, I’m personally down with such change. Wanted to make chaos RoK Deceiver, but had second thoughts. Now I think I’ll reconsider.

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Yessss, that’s why physical non retaliation build can kill healer mobs, and retaliation can not. Nice

I’ve also played my own Retaliation builds and have no more problems with them than non-Retaliation builds, not sure what kind of Retal builds you’re playing.

Yes yes we all know about a super OP builds like retal warlord etc, but how about something unusual like not from the toplist, from low players that doesnt reach godlike abuse builds? Or meta exists only for a few super over powered builds - that must be nerfed - and nerfed by the cost of all game mechanics? Yeah it’s very hard to find a ballence in meta, what to reduce, devotion or item or skill. What I have seen is that few op builds use Beronath Reforged - that was the reason they nerfed it few patches ago added to it total retal -24% - to made phys retal not so abusive. But I dont see any reason to nerf for example Messenger of War - or super rare affix “Overlords” on shield that does drops in fair game in 1000 of real years.


I have played Elemental Retal BWC since close to FG’s inception - it has gone through several rounds of buffs and nerfs with BWC’s Retaliation added to Attack going from 13% down to 9%… to 11% back down to 9% at varying points (something like that, can’t quite remember). It’s no where near a meta build.

At one point, i thought the damage output for how tanky it was at 13% was OP, and the Physical Commando version by John_Smith more than confirmed this hence the nerf. I still think it’s in a good spot now despite it being on the low end of dealing damage out of my build collection because of how safe it is. That’s the thing with Retaliation I feel, you are and should always be making a trade losing damage to gain defense when playing it. It should not be stronger offensively than the average non-Retaliation damage focused build.


I just noticed the same issue with the eldritch hound (bonds of Bysmiel proc) too. Please fix it in!

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I know this doesnt relate to update specifically, but just dropping in to say Monster Totem shrines were such a huge thing for this game. Im playing again on a new HC build and I forgot how exciting these made the Main Campaign experience. Such a fantastic design decision.


It’s funny how such a design decision came from years of player feedback now isn’t it :wink:


Oh totally, man. Just another reason why I love Crate, and can’t wait to play Farthest Frontier!


I’m hoping that Shadowflame Mantle WPS no longer limited to ranged 2h so Darkblaze will also able to receive it benefits.


Darkblaze pyro is already very strong in term of damage. I see no reason to buff it even more damage, when it only lacks defensive and CC resistance (especially stun res). Well you can try Benjahr shoulder (with +3 solael witchfire, and an affix to get more stun res) instead of Shadowflame.

Thank you all for everything.
Greeting from Belgium.