Grim Dawn Version

That shield has never been used on any retaliation build.

Question here on this:

  • Relic - Marauder’s Talisman: replaced % Physical damage and % Elemental damage with 60% All damage. Increased damage and % Activation Chance on the granted skill and replaced Bleed damage with Internal Trauma damage.
  • Relic - Plunderer’s Talisman: replaced % Physical damage and % Elemental damage with 10% All damage. Increased damage and % Activation Chance on the granted skill and replaced Bleed damage with Internal Trauma damage.

What is that supposed to mean, exactly?
The relics don’t seem to be particularly changed, they didn’t have bleeding, and they don’t show any “10% all damage”, or IT, though I’d have loved the option of a physical version of those items. Maybe even a useful one.
I think it’s just a duplicate of the melee versions, which are also mentioned?

I don’t really see anything that pushes Retaliation with Colossal Bulwark. Buffing Overguard and optionally enabling full uptime on it with Markovian’s Defense? Sure, but not really anything Retaliation-based. I’d say it’s brother, Colossal Fortress is more Retaliation oriented.

what is THIS, actually?
I mean
just extra CD to VM? w/o any damage modifiers? Just extra CD?
but for what reason, may I ask? :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a typo i believe. Or Zantai forgot to add a total damage mod.

You get bleed damage.
Maybe it’s made to make vm less spammable so you don’t have amazing mobility and bleed doesn’t need to spam skills anyway.

It hits the spot but still lack something. I play skate Templar a lot and it’s squishy, also set forces player do face tanking all the time (Vire’s might is melee and CT has small AoE). I suggest add 150 armor/+1 metre range for CT. Or 3% Adcth to Vire’s might.

Kind of making the Tectonic shift -cd redundant despite how easy it’s to reach 22/12 with the new Goredrinker set.

The buff for VF is nice, but the Arcanist part of the set only provide an extra 1m range for CT. I’m hoping the set would also convert the lightning part of inferno and also add more point to it.

It reads bleeding damage too

see literally zero reason for extra CD still, as VM is more of a “spam” skill instead of nuke (and no damage modifiers still).

Z wants you to quick rush to bash opponent’s face then start shooting like hell lol. Frankly, bleed VM is ultra meme.

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Increased by how much ?
Does that open up possible builds ?

I’ve always liked that skill but could never make a build that use it as a main damage dealer.

You need to change the global map and make the navigation through the tasks playable, then the game will be the best !

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure what you mean exactly. Change the global map how? And just explore everywhere to find all the quest locations. Crate aren’t going to add quest pointers to show you the way to a quest.

I mean, I spend hours looking for some tasks , because it’s not clear where to go.

Even the right location is difficult to find on the map by name

The moving-shadow-issue seems to have gone with this patch, right?
When entering and leaving Barrowholm for example.

The quest log usually gives you the general area to look, but some quest locations do have random spawns in an area so you just have to learn where those could be. Or you can refer to the wiki which shows most quest locations, even the random ones.

It killed the fully converted physical RoK version, but slightly buffs Fire/Chaos/Lightning version.

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This was new to me, how?

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The pierce -> physical dmg part was a big chunk