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So it’s basically the ones on the patch notes that didn’t go through plus the aegis nerfs (which didn’t need to be in the patch note cause there’s no comparison to be made from aside from it being added).


from -40% to -20%, at least smth


Chaos Sky shards look fun to try. +6 projectiles yay. Dat +5 meter to target area though…

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That RoH change makes me curious though. Before with -40% it wasn’t effected by the -25% reduction from point blank… If it is effected by it now, then the change is a %5 nerf for single target shotgun while giving an aoe buff.
I’ll need to retest it later.

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Makes it a little bit more Chaotic, right? :grin:


Just noticed that it also comes with -50% total damage. Fail :sweat_smile:

Yeah i looked at the area and even with TSS book with -1.5 area mod, this is no fun. The conduit should’ve increased the radius as well because with such huge area the shards basrely hit anything. You get 3 shards hitting big targets at most and it comes with -50% modifier.

def feels weird that one
it’s like double dmg penalty
(yes i know the projectile had an increase too, but still)

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XBox UI Still Bad After Patch on 42" and 46" Flat Screen TVs…

The slider needs to go further to increase size on a 42” TV. It’s all the way to the right and still a bit too small. Needs about 2 or 3 more size increases please. Remember…you sit closer to a monitor than you do a flat screen TV on the wall. The UI adjustment needs to be extended a bit more for consoles on TVs. It’s still not quite big enough for some screens. Text is still a bit hard to read.

Thank you.

Chinese has been enjoyed. Now take the money from my pocket and throw the loyalty items Pack 2 in my face!

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Acid RoK was up there on my hopefuls for my list, I just thought it’d look cool and I wanted some more acid dmg love in the game.
Acid firestrike is neat as well.

All in all they seem cool to me!


I’ll try Acid PB from updated Venomlance at some point although it doesn’t look nearly as powerful as Grim League’s new items: Rhovena Kur’s Arbalest, Farros’ Ribbon and Cyrrah’s Hunting Hat that one could use for it.

@Archmagister yes, from Grim Dawn Community League Season 3 - Release Date, Rules & Guidlines, and Installation

The build i was planning on taking with acid PB
I had godly luck with the shoulders,
Only part im not sure about is the helm

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these are from Mods, right?

looking at your GT and i realize smthing. If venomlance is re-designed for acid PB + RF, then it should have both cast speed and atk speed right? I also try to mix a build with spam acid ABB with the new conduit (i know it’s fire ABB, but you can ignore or fix a part of cold conversion with other mod), but then my weapon doent have atk speed (for ex Mythical Quillthrower of Dreeg - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database)

CD PB doesn’t need Casting Speed

Invest 40 skill points to use 1 skill for every 3 seconds? Even then if i want to cast Biting Blade between PBs, it still needs casting speed. Dont tell me i should spam RF between PBs, we dont have enough points

I thought by

you meant using RF and PB at the same time, in one build.

Btw in a build above PB is on 2s cooldown. Points can be found, even in the link above Dervish, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator but one would need to change it up a bit, for example include Kraken, there’s a lot to theorycraft - maybe someone would like to make RF + PB variant (with a lot of AS, additional WPS and stuff)

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The build ive made wasnt ment to use RF
Aside maybe from a 1 point miracle…
The idea was to use PB and Biting Blades instead of RF