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Typo, I tried it out, doesn’t shoot anything sadly.


i demand Korba’s Bite proc gets 120 Pojectiles ! :triumph: - as item advertised, you wouldnt’ want to be a liar now would you :zantai: ? :grin:


I was very skeptical about this one on Xbox, but I bought it on last week’s deal.

I’ve played all diablo-like games on Xbox and Grim Dawn is definitely the one with better controls, accessibility and customization options.

The way I can customize my skills shortcuts is great!

Congrats to the team, which I think is just one guy.

The only thing this needs is a proper Series S and X graphics update, but I know you guys don’t have the dev kit.

Keep up the good work!

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Since the Download on Steam, my game freezes in the first Logo Screen. It has Sound but no rotating Cube in the bottom right.

Reinstall, Verify, Clear everything (Documents and Steam files) did not help.

Win 11.

Worked fine last Update, never changed anything.


ah, maybe you’ll show us the secret op rahzin builds this time? while you’re back anyway


First of all. Thank you again and again for further supporting the game. This game is really, in my opinion, the best ARPG. It is colourful, fast… not too fast. So many items… so many builds… it is just beautiful. It is really awesome. It is simpel… but complex if you want to. Not to complex… Sometimes just perfect :slight_smile: Thank you very much Crate Team!!!

So enough of this warm words. :slight_smile: Just for my information. Are there item changes in this patch? There are no, or?

Terrible attitude not reading any of their explanations of the very recent past, demanding, demanding, demanding, ignoring the game was announced to be full HD and no more, being unkind af and telling them they are just lazy.
Being a developer myself I would reply in a very similar way. You paid for the game not for being an a… :slight_smile:

Great answer Zentai.


It’s more than one guy at the company, we just get to interact with Zantai b/c he’s the friendly/social one of the group… :slight_smile:

Probably an error in your download. I’d try uninstall/reinstall, if that doesn’t fix it then you might need to start checking into your computer. Last time something like this happened to me my Ram was the culprit.

ITT: We learn that Xbox players are somehow even whinier and deluded than PC players.

And the pretentiousness of openly voicing “I’ll take my money elsewhere then” as opposed to just doing it. Like yeah, that’ll make the developers sorry they don’t bend their spines over to accommodate you on how their well-reviewed game that’s sold millions of copies should be.

I come back to the forum for 5 minutes and I regret it lol. Though I read what’s coming in and it looks neat. I think I’ll build a gaming PC in a month or two and do another playthrough.


thanks bro

The Xbox port is not good for many reasons (Feedback), and asking for improvements is being entitled?

IMHO that depends on how much drama you add to your feedback to dilute it, distract from your key points and ultimately ruin whatever you have to share. We better do not go down this road, because nothing good has never ever emerged from such discussions.

If you feel major pain points have been ignored, please start a dedicated topic or continue existing ones. The topic you keep refering to is not specific to the Xbox port. Now that you have hopefully played a bit more what are the remaining major pain points? As a PC user, who almost exclusively plays GD with a gamepad, I might be able to contribute a bit, too.

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Haven’t really touched the game since that post because it was just way too tedious with a controller, most of which is described in the feedback thread. Personally I just feel bummed that I can’t enjoy what is obviously a great game because of a few relatively minor issues.

I admit a few things take some getting used to (like switching between LS and D-pad to navigate character windows), but I would not play with a gamepad if I wasn’t happy with the implementation. Give it another try and see what you still feel strongly about.

It’s funny seeing complainings about gamepad support because I have played ALL diablo like games on Xbox and Grim Dawn is the one I like the most… By far!

Not that it couldn’t be better, of course. The inventory, for instance, could be more tailored for gamepad, as we see on Diablo 3.

Customers can be jerks, so, the customer is actually not always right, despite what you might hear.