Grim Dawn Version v1.1.9.8 + Hotfix 1

Actually skipping numbers, this is a scam!

Still not released. Why are they slower I wonder?

could also just jump direct to v4.1.2.3


Thank you! I appreciate the buffs for Pets. I’m taking a break from the game for now but it will be really nice to experiment with the changes, once i decide to play again.

I’m happy to see the patch, though I would love to see one bug fix: when I open SR chests and two of them drop the SAME blueprint that I didn’t read. That’s a waste… happened to me at least twice.

Not a bug. Game simply doesn’t assume all dropped blueprints are read.

Patch is live through GOG Galaxy but not yet through their website


Updated to, files verified, GOG.

until you’ve learned all blueprints, open chests individually/1by1, so you can learn/“consume” a blueprint before rolling the next 1 from other chest

Not a fan. Are all sword and board IT builds overperforming ? Is this related to Octavius IT redistribution ? Well I’m not using Octavius, so that’s why I’m not a fan. I’m using Targo which is as I understand, one of the worse ways to deal IT damage ?

Is nice tho. Don’t know what “increased damage” means exactly, or if it might offset the Colossal Grasp nerf tho…

That explains why my pets took so long.

My favorite leveling headpiece (still using a 176 armor one at level 81) just got better.

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  • Cindertouch: added 20% Freeze Resist and increased bonus to Callidor’s Tempest to +3

I got reduced freeze duration instead of Freeze Resist

Thank you!

that is freeze resist/how the stat is called in game
like how lifesteal is called “attack dmg converted to health”, even tho it’s not actually “conversion”


It might be a better solution to discuss it in a different thread, but I’m sure that regardless of fighting form starting with 100% passthrough, or heck even if you build it into cadence base skill, you’ll get a less satisfying leveling compared to other skills, simply because you need three shots for any AoE as opposed to many other skills.

This is partly cadence’s nature, and partly that AA wants devotion/item procs and wps (that cadence’s big hit doesn’t trigger) set up to handle packs.

A post was merged into an existing topic: Early game leveling for ranged cadence is painful

What would be the difference in your eyes? xD

With this amount of changes, I hope future patch also tweaked vanilla hero fight, like adding movement rune skill to Cronley goons, human enemies etc.

I am so pleased that my concern from 2020 was finally addressed: Overrepresentation of Cold Resistance in Devotions