Grim Dawn Version v1.2.0.0 + v1.2.0.1 + v1.2.0.2 + v1.2.0.3 Hotfixes

they are not, this is not a solution, even remotely, “Ignoring loot by filtering it out” does not help someone wanting to loot epics/legends but not wanting to have loot beams,
It will only reduce the amount of loot beams, and will only do so if ok on losing out the portion of epics and legends
it should simply be a toggle option, (just like it was in GI), simple as that…

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Fog in the background of the area in which the character moves is good. Fog which overlays the area in which character moves is awful.

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From Steam or GOG depending on where you bought the game.

Steam or GOG?

If you downloaded it from GOG then you need to update the game to v1.2.0.3 which is the latest version. v1.1.5.1 is way out of date.

If you downloaded it from a torrent site then it’s an illegal copy.

He’s clearly a pirate.

Then sorry, but you’re on an official forum so we can’t help you.

Did you get any confirmation on this?

I reported it in the bug thread.

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confirmaton on that or just wild gues

I agree on all the points related to loot. Those bells and whistles are a disservice to this great game. I want to be able to customize this.

Great update! Really looking forward to the next expansion, can’t wait to try these new things in game. I love the new features, so much convenience

Did something change with Voldrak the Destroyer? Am I going crazy or does he not drop anymore?

he drops 2,so its not 100%?

he doesn’t drop it anymore, only his own

100% chance of Voldrak bonk stick

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heh,didnt farm him after patch,i recal before the patch getting mad i saw him a little to often with the savagery one

yep, probably whymorgan is asking, before 1.2 he could drop 2 (at the same time even :joy:), voldrak stick being “low” drop chance
but 1.2 changed bosses with personal MIs to be 100%, voldrak stick would then fall under personal MI ofc, and i’m guessing during that pass Z naturally removed trollcrusher otherwise you’d still get the weird double drop or Voldrak MI would not be 100% which would also be weird per 1.2 MI notes

Thanks for the answers all.

These 2 QOL’s are very helpful. Thank you