Grim Dawn Version v1.2.0.0 + v1.2.0.1 + v1.2.0.2 + v1.2.0.3 Hotfixes

Still no forecast for the patch to be released on Xbox?

v1.2.0.3 hotfix 3 is now live on Steam. We are in the process of getting this update up on GOG and Xbox.

V1.2.0.3 Hotfix 3


  • UI Scale now goes up to 1.25, up from 1.0. Players that had their UI scale set higher than the default 0.5 will find their UI a little larger than it was before v1.2.0.3.
  • Fixed an issue with some wave effects being invisible on low particle settings.
  • Fixed a rare issue where characters could end up missing skill and/or attribute points if they completed quests that reward those points on Normal difficulty before using a Difficulty Merit.


  • The new Evade and Potion skills can now be assigned to the quickbar, including mouse buttons.
  • Fixed several issues with certain fonts being difficult to read under certain circumstances (ex. on the riftgate map).
  • Fixed several issues with translation text clipping in the Options menu.
  • Fixed another issue with missing Portuguese tags.
  • Fixed an issue with line spacing and inconsistent NPC names in some of the updated Japanese localization.
  • Fixed an issue with Anasteria not spawning her more powerful versions based on player’s reputation status.
  • Fixed an issue where Kubacabra’s breath attack could still hit the player if they repositioned beyond the breath’s visuals.
  • Fixed an issue where bounties for Alkamos and Shar’Zul could not be completed on Ultimate difficulty.

Finally, I can bind that evade skill to right mouse button.
Thank you

I would like to ask whether “insight” will appear in the shops in valbury?I haven’t seen him once in three days.

Will the Xbox Series ever get an update with 4k and quick resume? Game is too blurry on a 4k TV


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A small quick fix is going out to address the reported font issues. This does not impact Xbox, and will be included in the GOG v1.2.0.3 update.


I’ve assigned Tonic of Mending to the quick slot bar several times and when I exit and return to the game, it is no longer assigned to a slot. Is this a problem for everybody on Steam and already been reported? I would think that this would be discovered immediately but I can’t see where it has been mentioned.

I just tested this, and yeah it happens on my end as well. Same for Elixir of Spirit. Evade stays on the quickbar though.

Thanks Volek. Its probably unnecessary but will post this in the bug reporting section.

Hi, when will GOG get the update?

Probably today.

Why are you releasing the patch on one platform only when there is cross-play? I can’t play with my friend for a couple of days now because he can’t change version of the game on steam and I’m playing on gog.

They are not. Crate have said it will be out on GOG.

I think you should be blaming Steam for forcing you to update and GoG for being so slow and not :crate: for prioritizing fixing bugs for players.

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I don’t really know how patching works on different platforms and who is to blame, but they said gog would be coming very soon after steam. It has been 3 days now. There is no patch or any information. This is just me guessing, but I think you could synchronise things like that.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. From what has been stated over the years, each acts differently.

For Steam, the developers push the updates themselves so it is quick and easy. For GOG, the developer gives them the updates and they verify themselves that there are no issues. This can take days depending on workload/holidays/etc and has taken some time in the past for various patches. Xbox is even worse apparently since, from what I hear, patches need to be verified and certified before release. If I remember correctly, this is done by an outside entity Crate has to hire when submitting to Microsoft.

It’s frustrating for us playing on different platforms, but imagine the headaches Crate has to deal with! :dizzy_face:


Thanks for the answer, I didn’t know that. Suck then, I will wait and level another character in the meantime.

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Would be even worse if they had to do Sony and Nintendo certs as well for every patch. :crazy_face:

Thankfully they don’t! :sunglasses: