Grim Dawn Version v1.2.0.0 + v1.2.0.1 + v1.2.0.2 + v1.2.0.3 Hotfixes

It’s on GOG now as well - it just installed for me automatically.

Is this adapted correctly? Health Regeneration remains at 60 and 30% respectively. Is it just that the translation has not been corrected?

Here it is. My long awaited opnion about 1.2. How negative can it be this time?

  • :x: It’s harder to see the cooldown shade on new, circular health/energy pot buttons. This immediately made me switch to…
  • :white_check_mark: Cooldown timers on buttons is a good idea mostly because they are easier to see at a glance than the previous dark tint. However, this makes me wonder why there are no numbers on recharge icons displayed above health bar. Unfortunately, timers have a side-effect of making combat easier. Now I have absolute numbers telling me: “3, 2, 1, press this thing!”, I no longer have to pay attention to tempo of dark tint vanishing.
  • :x: Why loot beams? They were an option in a very optional mod, so keep them optional. These items are visually screaming: “I’m important!”, but I often leave them on the ground anyway. Same problem with these items being marked on the map - it’s just clutter.
  • :x: MI and double rare icons feel out of place. As much as I wanted the game to mark MIs in some way, I still think Rainbow did it better. I already saw new players confused about icons’ meaning. If I started playing now, I would probably think I found a very important item, a piece of puzzle, that I have to wear with some other symbols to unlock special powers.
  • :x: Sound effect when legendary is dropped. When I hear it, I always think: “Wow, this item must be heavy. Made of solid steel too!” And just like loot beams - it doesn’t make the item any more useful to me. It will usually remain on the ground. When I heard about “new drop sounds” in 1.2 I hoped for something like in Diablo 2, where every TYPE made a different sound, regardless of quality.
  • :x: Now some items have beams, some have special sounds, others have icons or are marked on the map - make up your mind! Pick a street and stick to it.
  • :x: Universal evasion should not exist. Just like we don’t have e.g. universal pet for everybody from level 1. If I want a skill, I’ll go get it.
  • :x: Potions should be more scarce or expensive to make me hesitate before using them. I should want to wait as long as possible before healing to get the most out of a pot. Making them infinite simplifies another little aspect of the game. Now I find myself routinely using health pot at the BEGINNING of combat for some extra regen to help me facetank. That’s not what they are for.
  • :x: No music in base menu. This has to be a bug. Please restore it from I reported it here: No music in base game menu in 1.2
  • :x: Sundered border effect has to go and its sound effect is too pronounced. Sunder rarely is even the most dangerous thing in a fight. I understand it is new and you want everybody to notice, but after all it’s just another curse.
  • :x: Evasion does not enter cooldown when used while trapped. And yes, it is a bad thing, because all other movement skills do. I died many times due to movement skills being unreliable like that, but I swallowed it thinking: “It’s all part of the game. I have to pay closer attention and be prepared in case it doesn’t go off.” And now Evasion comes along and proves that it wasn’t a bug?! This skill knows if player can move! So why the hell older skills don’t? Just make it consistent one way or another.
  • :x: Nerfed arcanes - I don’t fear them anymore. Their temporary nullification feels like any other strong curse now. In case it hits you, just wait for it to wear off. No special actions required. If you’re lucky you won’t even notice that anything happened.
  • :x: Buffs no longer have “energy cost per second”, which removes the danger of running out of energy. Especially when fighting energy-leeching monsters. I swear 1.3 will remove energy bar altogether.
  • :x: Buffs are auto-cast, but Empybros aren’t? Why? That’s inconsistent.
  • :x: Auto-cast buffs are so similar to passives, that we have to explain the difference to newcomers. Turn them into passives or whatever, just remove the confusion.
  • :white_check_mark: Fog removal! Yes! I didn’t realise I wanted it so much. Despite all my negative remarks, this one feature wins me over to 1.2 camp. Sneaky devs. Now Grim Dawn is properly grim, dark, black instead of grey, especially at night. I feel like my monitor re-gained lower half of colour palette. I’m no longer pushing an artificial grey/green/red wall when running north. My character is not named Harry and I’m not looking for Cheryl. My main problem with fog was that it felt slapped equally onto all locations, no matter if it made sense or not. Also it was simply tied to distance from camera, not from character. All in all, it was more of a post-processing trick, than realistic part of the world. In some vertically complex places it looked good, but these were exceptions from the rule. Let me show you.

This type of fog was good:

But this was not:

If I didn’t mention something, then I don’t care about it too much or haven’t encountered it yet in this version. I’m staying on 1.2, but there are still things to fix, options to add and trends I hope :crate: doesn’t follow.


agree, beams, sunder border and drop sound should def be optional toggle or tweakable
-only “arcane” currently not a joke enemy is Ravager of minds :confused:

disagree with default evade available to all/from start being bad
(lots of people aren’t aware of movement skills at all and don’t get the runes until ages later despite might wanting it)

unsure about the potion argument?, since they weren’t scarce before, so sounds like more as not only going back to the previous; but then adding the scarcity? - personally don’t care much about that either way, most builds don’t rely on health pots anyway

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Some of those fog examples are good,it rly did look better in some places,hmm i guess the only solution would be to go back and manualy add fog where it makes sense,or that red tint feels more artisticaly apt

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They are still optional in a way. Set up your loot filter to not show tags for certain items and the loot beams for those items will be gone too.

They’ll learn.

Just unbind it from the default key, you don’t have to use it.

That’s 100% a “You” problem, learn to time your pots. Besides, if you thought pots were scarce before 1.2, you used them way too often. The only time and place where I ever ran out of pots was at level 1 on the bridge from Devil’s Crossing to Lower Crossing.

Not really. None of the player-scaled pets are autocast.


they are not, this is not a solution, even remotely, “Ignoring loot by filtering it out” does not help someone wanting to loot epics/legends but not wanting to have loot beams,
It will only reduce the amount of loot beams, and will only do so if ok on losing out the portion of epics and legends
it should simply be a toggle option, (just like it was in GI), simple as that…

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Fog in the background of the area in which the character moves is good. Fog which overlays the area in which character moves is awful.

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From Steam or GOG depending on where you bought the game.

Steam or GOG?

If you downloaded it from GOG then you need to update the game to v1.2.0.3 which is the latest version. v1.1.5.1 is way out of date.

If you downloaded it from a torrent site then it’s an illegal copy.

He’s clearly a pirate.

Then sorry, but you’re on an official forum so we can’t help you.

Did you get any confirmation on this?

I reported it in the bug thread.

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confirmaton on that or just wild gues

I agree on all the points related to loot. Those bells and whistles are a disservice to this great game. I want to be able to customize this.

Great update! Really looking forward to the next expansion, can’t wait to try these new things in game. I love the new features, so much convenience

Did something change with Voldrak the Destroyer? Am I going crazy or does he not drop anymore?

he drops 2,so its not 100%?