Grim Misadventure #119: Inquisitive Advantage

Wish the next one will be about necromancher skill…

why does it take so long to post misadventure ?

it made me kinda desperately hope they are releasing the expansion today. :smiley:

Probably because it is still an early morning in their timezone. :slight_smile:

Timezone? Pshhh, devs and the fancy buzzwords they use to hide their laziness…

any minute now

Well i see no point in why they can’t continu with the misadventures for the new game.:smiley:

I thought of that too… but it runs into some problems when you think about it. They could continue it, basically picking up where they left off (number scheme and all) which could potentially confuse new people coming in to learn about the game; or, “reset” the number scheme, which would also lead to confusion with the old Misadventures; or, start fresh with a similar “series” with a new name more appropriate and tailored for the game.

Does anybody know when they plan to release said expansion?

This class is plain awesome. Dual pistol rune master! i’ll take x2 :smiley: