Grim Misadventure #119: Inquisitive Advantage

Good point.

“Mediarrhea” I’m dying:p

Who would have known that Greg was one of the Occult gods?

Well played sir, well played.

Somewhat offtopic: Any news about aura’s being fixed? (Haven;t played multiplayer in a while anymore, but I understood aura’s currently are not shared between players).

A couple of questions regarding current and with the expansion:

Aura’s are split between those from skill trees and those from items.
1.) Is the bug still there that prevented aura’s from working properly (I believe they had a chance to kill instantly).
2.) If so, does it affect both item aura’s and skill tree aura’s?
3.) If not - yay, but if so: Is this something that will be fixed with the expansion?

4.) If aura’s are working properly again; will a Inquisitor+Arcanist together with a Demo+Shaman be a wee bit OP 2-player build? - all focused on fire/lightning (and a bit of cold) damage?

I haven’t read of any upcoming fixes to the aura issue. So not sure where that stands. How auras granted by Components was changed in v1.0.0.8, see first item under Itemization:

  1. Yes, auras granted by Component.
  2. Only auras granted by Component.
  3. Unknown.
  4. Mastery skill auras weren’t effected.

Thank you for linking to the original remark by Zantai. Ah so indeed it was only the item ones.

Not sure how you answered Q4, but I think the answer is yes.

Aura of Conviction
Flame touched
Mogdrogon’s pact
Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange

Combined pumping up those numbers for fire and lightning damage.

Now that I think about it, we’ve seen almost all of the Inquisitor active skills between the Misadventures and the first stream, haven’t we? All that’s missing appears to be the 12-point active at SL40. So the full retinue of actives is…

–Word of Agony
–Storm Box of Elgoloth
–Rune of Hagarrad
–Word of Renewal
–Flames of Ignaffar
–Rune of Kalastor
–Inquisitor Seal
–(unknown SL40 skill)
–Aura of Censure
–Aura of Conviction

(I’m just trying to get a sense of how the class “thinks”, so I can potentially compare all the Inquisitor class dyads to the Elementalist.)

I am trying to keep up with an ongoing changing list of all skills:

Where would you put the word of agony and the word of renewal? The Single 12 s in row 3 and 7? That would still leave two skills unknown (row 3 16/12/12 and row 6 12/12), as well as the two single 10s from row 1, which I assumed to be either passive like Military Conditioning or Shield Training or procs like Markovian Advantage or Zolhan’s Technique

I feel like spoiling myself with all these skills has almost ruined the base game for me now - I can’t make a single build anymore without thinking “this would be so much cooler if I waited for [Inquisitor skill]”. :rolleyes:

No regrets though. :cool:

Funny thing is, the software/program he’s using would probably have translated this to the correct thing

The only things they have showed in details are the masteries.

There is still the other four fifth to unveil (devotions, areas, quests, items) and they are pretty big ones.

Cough, cough.

No, certainly not the only one. There’s a lingering closed thread about it, in fact. Zantai’s response was “You’re in the minority, most people like how we’re doing things, and we’re not changing it.” Simplified, of course, his post was a few paragraphs.

Yup, pretty much what Nssheepster summarized. Crate’s been doing the same amount/style of upcoming reveals as they did during the Early Access years of Grim Dawn.

I’m very happy with how they are doing them, and am looking forward to the expansion.

Edit: Here’s the thread Nssheepster mentioned: [thread=53386]Expansion Info Frequency[/thread]. Enjoy!

Edit 2: Here’s the actual quote:

Also, nobody is forced to read the Misadventures :slight_smile: It’s like choosing whether you watch a series trailer or not.

Yup, but all that was brought up in the thread I linked to. No need to re-start that thread topic again here. :smiley:

It’s that day again! :slight_smile:

My friend and I are looking forward to this expansion! Keep up the good work Crate!

I love the misadventures, it nice to have something to look forward to.

Makes me kinda wonder what they will call them once they are done with putzing around with GD and go full bore on the new game.

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