Grim Misadventure #119: Inquisitive Advantage

They both have cold damage so we could do something with that.

Also inquisitor has a few physical skills, that could be handy to convert to vitality or aether. Also we don’t know yet about the new items, but I assume we can bet on new stuff giving like 30% or 50% or 100% damage type converted to another damage type! :slight_smile:

Check! Not sure how I read over that!

some things loock interesting, i´m retty sure it does a very strong combination with Nightblade as Cold - Pierce Build.

i like the runes, in combination with thermite Mine one can really lay a lot of traps. Runes are very intersting, Dragen Age (1 and 3,i never Played 2) also had some and it was a very fun kind to play. And it doesnt become boring over time as a Pet only Build or Reflection Build where i regularely go AFK during the first 50 Crucible Waves.

There are now 3 Runes: Support,Fire,Cold. There is no Lightning wich could be interesting with Shaman, and there is no Elemental spell/Rune dealing Fire,Cold and Lightning damage.

I dont really understand your intentions for making Aura of Conviction. Defensive Ability is nice, Pierce can be cool for a dual wielding Meele-Caster Hybrid with Nightblade (wich may be the next OP build after Blademaster and Spellbraker). But there is absolutely nothing usefull for Caster. Elemental dot as burning,ect is very unimportant in most 3 Elemental builds, while Piercing Damage is completely useless for them. Just imagine a Inquisitor/Arcanist using Panettis Missile: You either have to use star Pact, just boosting Cold and Lightning and getting a lot of CDR that Panetti doesnt need and having no defesive boost, or using Aura of Conviction for the defensive and support but sacrificing any kind of Damage Boost.
Well, maybee the elemental boost of Inquisitor Seal is strong enough to compensate for that, but you could at least add some Casting Speed.

Panetti Builds are already having very hard times against any kind of enemy that is low in Numbers, so you could have at least included one single Target Elemental Spell (or a single Target Spell that can turn it´s damage to Elemental by Modifier).

I`m also missing the Chain Lightning Spell you announced with the Inquisitor Mastery, i hoped to get an Lightning only Caster working with that, since pure Lightning Caster builds are very Rare.

Sore there are more skills than those 5, maybee the Problems i see get solved by the skills we still don´t know about.

There is going to be a chain lightning devotion skill that reduces elemental resistances, it’s not part of the Inquisitor mastery, but maybe you were talking about the tether spell?

Tbf, I kinda hoped for a physical ranged spec, didnt expect a magic heavy one :x

Much hype for the Inquisitor! Can’t wait to give it a go.

My question is:

Is Crate finalizing the optimizations to the game engine in time for the expansion release?

If the game ran even a hair smoother, that’d make the game that much more amazing.

Check my overview of the skills. You are looking for Elgoloth, showcased when the inq was first introduced:

The Lightning skill in discussion in the mastery line isn’t a chain lightning skill

It is called Storm box of Elvis
Basically you put an offensive barrier around the enemy that damages the enemy and nearby enemies

It also has a transmuter to convert Lightning to Aether giving some sort of Aether Lightning support

The storm box of Elvis you said?

You mean this?

How do you post YouTube vids?

I am concerned and very afraid that Inquisitor with Soldier will be better and more Battlemage-ish than actual Battlemage.

What is it called again? Tactician right? It would appear more like a paladin style to me now with sword and board skills plus the auras. somehow bringing us closer to D2:cool:

Depends on how current masteries will change with the expansion? (assuming they will)

existing masteries won’t change that much

Except for Nightblade correct? A (huge) nerf for SS.

A topic was made a while ago highlighting some weak skills and Zantai said most of the weaker skills are at least being considered for some changes. The new skill modifiers on items will change how old classes function and itemize even if the skills aren’t touched, so it’s important to take that into consideration

I hope one of the next GAs delve more into these skill modifiers - the sneak preview so far seems very promising and, I think, will allow for a lot of customization.

You to fall that the September release is already an extension? Or even earlier in August or in July? Very large, it will be as huge as you wrote in updates? A second extension is all you will and do, develop or did you? And the last question! As I understand it and realize how many fans of yours like myself, the next game, which will notify you at the end of the year, with the SECOND part of the GAME RIGHT? I understand you correctly guess, you know?

When you already plan to begin testing the extension soon, or it already is, do you? I very much hope that you will answer my questions little related to you!!!

The Grin Doll extension will be of release when Santai and Mediarrhea, the lords of Box Entertainment manages to communicate with the three Which Goods Greg, SoLMAOel and Bye Smell to give them permission to be release of extension.