Grim Misadventure #127: Impending Ashes

You’re asking the wrong person :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy Molly, that’s some sweet trailer :smiley: I just cannot wait to get my hands on the explansion :x Gonna play the hell out of Inquisitor. October is just around the corner, not long now :slight_smile:

Same music guys, several new tracks, including the one in the trailer.

Regional pricing will be finalized closer to release, but you can expect it to be comparable to how much the base game costs in your region versus its base $24.99 price.

Probably around the release, maybe a little before.

I believe Dammitt is increasing the caps soon.

Plenty of new music? Yay! :smiley: The music in GD really suits the atmosphere every time, so I am looking forward to hearing the new stuff :slight_smile:

No, I’m not. Grimtools need the data and permission from Crate Entertainment.
Since Zantai is kinda feels like “HR Department Guy” to me, i feel like asking him is the best choice.

Thank you Zantai for the reply.

Well, Dammit is the person actually doing the work on Grimtools, so they would be the best person to know.

It does seem that Crate is working with Dammit to help ensure that the tool is updated by the time the expansion is released.

Uhhh, okayyy. The answer of what i seek is what Zantai reply.
The rest is not that important, besides, if you want to ask question about GD would’nt it better to ask the source himself? Cause what Zantai told to Dammit might be changed in the future, right?
Maybe Crate is generous enough to share some item data in a few days, since there are already some finished items, who knows? Thanks for the reply anyway.

yes you are, they do not create the tool, so cannot really tell you what the author will do when.

As to needing the data, Dammitt is a praetorian, by virtue of which he had access to the data for a while already. The only thing Crate decides is by which time it is ok for him to go public with it, the actual schedule of when he gets around to updating the tool is up to Dammitt though.

I was expecting something like 12-15 dollars.

% Weapon Damage is nonfunctional on this sort of skill, sadly. Not to say Crate couldn’t make it work, but that’d be more lengthy tweaks to the engine itself to do so.

'tis just 3 more dollars, nothing more so 'tis okay to pay such price, and it helps the devs to continue updating the game :smiley:

Err, i didn’t know that. You are a Praetorian i see, do you also have the data?
Can i ask you to share with me? Just to satisfy my curiosity. Also, if Crate doesnt allow the data to go public, say the item data then Grimtools item database wont be updated, right? Which also a possibility since there also player that don’t like too much spoilers until they buy the game. Hence why i’m asking Zantai directly. Thanks for the reply and please go easy on me.

Not if he wants to remain a Praetorian. :wink:

It’s been awhile since I’ve religiously played Grim Dawn, but I am beyond hyped for this. The inquisitor looks fantastic.

I do want it known that I remain a crusader for the addition of a player-casted chain lightning and I am still furious that it is not in the game. Unless it is and I am simply ignorant and out of the loop.

Well done.

No big deal. I can wait for discount.

This is AMAZING!!! Also, my goal is to get that 1st gear set (the bog/jungle one). And the new areas look incredible, and the new creatures and bosses look insane! I’ve been on board with you guys since 2009 I think and the last time I’ve been as excited for a game release was probably back in the Nintendo 64 days… You guys are amazing :smiley:

it was not meant as criticism but as education :wink:

You are a Praetorian i see, do you also have the data?


Can i ask you to share with me? Just to satisfy my curiosity.

no, see Zantais’s reply :wink:

Also, if Crate doesnt allow the data to go public, say the item data then Grimtools item database wont be updated, right?

I assume this is the primary reason why it was not updated yet… while I assume that the tool will need some changes for eg skill modifiers, the fact that you do not see the items at all (rather than some stats missing that are not yet supported) is due to the fact that Crate does not want us to spoil things

They will end this silence eventually, I assume at the latest when the expansion is released. GD Stash already supports the expansion, of course you only notice this when you have the expansion :smiley:
If the tool takes longer to update, you could use GD Stash to browse the items too after the release of the expansion. Until then you will have to wait though

Whenever I played Grim Dawn, I always felt the game world was missing large cities or towns. Some large habitat area that will make a meaningful and immersive connection with all other environments, such as green fields, forests, dungeons, deserts, farmlands, croplands, snowy mountains, old castles, graveyards, prison etc.

I am so glad new expansion will fix this and make the whole experience more special.

Well done Crate, looking forward to the expansion

Good to see you back.

There is an Aether/Lightning chain lightning skill from the Arcane Storm set. Maybe that will satisfy your need?

Good to know, still wish it was component based and not as obscure to farm. Thanks for pointing it out.